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I started running in February of 2013, and now I just can't stop.  Here are some of the races I've completed and some  I plan to participate in this year.

 DATE                RACE                            TIME                        POST

 7/13/13                   JMF 5k                                              28:10*                         "First Race Ever!"       

 7/27/13                   Morristown 5 Miler                            48:44*                        "Morristown 5 Miler"

 8/10/13                   Cedar Creek Winery 10k                 1:11:14*                      "The Race From Hell"

 9/21/13                   Noblesville 10 Miler                         1:40:15*                  "Run for the Fund 10 Miler"

 9/27/13                   Fort 4 Fitness Half Marathon           2:12:00                   "Fort4Fitness Race Recap"

10/13/13                  Iron Horse Half Marathon                2:19:13                   "Iron Horse Race Recap"

11/2/13                    Monumental Half Marathon             2:11:01*    "The Forgotten Race and An Unexpected PR"

11/28/13                  Four Mile Foot Fest                          35:27*         "Marathon Status: So Nervous I Could Puke"                 

12/14/13                  Rocket City Marathon                      5:22:49*   "Marathon Race Recap: Throwing Myself a Pity Party"

5/10/14                    Race for the Cure                             28:51                     "Race for the Cure Peoria"                 


  1. I'm pretty excited that I found you and this post. I love running, but Iove reading about other peoples experiences just as much. I can't wait to start reading!

  2. I love this blog! Great healthy recipes, inspiration for running, and a witty writer! Glad to have found this!


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