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  1. Can you please tell me what Color Siding you used and the name of your stone?

    1. Hey Carrie!

      We're using a siding that is called "Granite" and our stone is Flagstone? Fieldstone? The pictures that I've used so far are just inspiration pictures from Houzz. Hopefully I should have pictures up soon of the real thing!

  2. Emily

    I can't wait to see pictures of the real thing! I love the combination of siding/stone/wood. We just knocked down our cottage and are building our dream house on the property. I would be very interested in knowing the actual manufacturer of your products and colors. Thanks for any input you can share.

    Great Blog!

    Happy Building,

  3. Hi Emily! I stumbled upon your blog from my high school friend, Holly Stanfield's blog. Your blog is great! I had to laugh at some of the similarities.....I am also a nurse (but in Peds), a former 6 day/week trained dancer (multiple genres....think Dance Moms....mean/fat instructor and all!), a fellow travel lover, and a devoted fan of Target and Trader Joe's (as a former Peorian I think there is a petition going around to open one there soon!). Anyways....I just wanted to say hi and that I think I read in one of your posts of online workout videos that you there anyway to get the link? Or am I crazy and thinking of another blog? Thank you! :)


Your comments make my day, so make sure that your email address is linked to your account so I can respond. I try to respond to all comments, so if you don't hear back from me, it's probably because you're a "no reply blogger."