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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Favorite Things

Hey guys!

I thought I'd bring back a few Favorite Things for the month of April!  I've been super pregnant and lazy, so obviously, blogging has taken a backseat.  (It's not like blogging takes any physical effort, but you know what I mean).

Anyways, lets get to it!

1.) Talenti Gelato

Holy cow, I'm slightly obsessed with this stuff.  Sure, they say gelato is supposedly less crappy for you than ice cream, but I don't know if I buy it.  Either way, there are so many delicious flavors.  The Mediterranean Mint and Dark Chocolate flavors are my favorite, but then again...I love the Black Cherry too.  Hell, they're all amazing.

2.) Ebates

Ok, yes... I know this has been around forever.  I've totally been living under a rock.  If you shop online, and you don't do Ebates, you're SERIOUSLY missing out.  Since getting ready for baby T, I've done a lot of shopping online and that few percent seriously adds up.  Who doesn't love getting a check?  Sign up here.

3.) The Last Man on Earth

This is seriously one of the funniest shows ever.  I'm so surprised that there isn't more buzz about it. The only word of warning I will give you, is that you have to start it from the very beginning.  You will enjoy the episode if you start in the middle of the series, but not NEARLY as much if you get it from the beginning.  I totally pictured a depressing set up with Will Forte being the "last man on Earth," but it is totally the opposite.  Absolutely hilarious. Mondays on Fox.

4.) Shopkick App

I recently discovered Shopkick app, and it's AWESOME.  It basically pays you to run your daily errands. You just open the app before or while you're in the store, and you get points.  You can also get points for scanning selected items, but you don't have to do this.  When you reach a certain number of points, you can cash them in for gift cards.  So far, I've gotten a few Target gift cards for $2 a piece. For just opening an app on your phone, it's worth it to me to save a few dollars.  I can always use that money towards a latte from Starbucks. :)

5.) Sharpie Pen Buy It Here

This is my HG of pens.  I've been writing a TON of thank you cards, and this pen is amazing.  It doesn't bleed, doesn't smear, and doesn't stink.  I don't know how else it can get more perfect. It also comes in a variety of colors if you feel like being fancy.

6.) Gyft App

This is another app that I absolutely love.  With all of the baby showers, I've gotten a ton of gift cards.  Inputting all of them into Gyft ensures that you don't forget or lose any gift cards, and it's a great way to make sure you always have them.  It's a free app that will even update your totals automatically, so you always know how much you have left on the card.  Love it!

7.) Costco Pesto

I like to make my own pesto...sometimes.  It's easy to freeze, blah blah blah....but this is even easier. It's honestly better than the pesto I make, and doesn't dirty up my food processor.  Having some of this on hand makes quick dinners super easy.  I just threw it together with some rigatoni, heirloom tomatoes, artichoke and parmesan.  Delicious!

8.) Humans of New York on Facebook

I feel like this has the same feel that Postsecret did, but is an updated version. For a super-snoop like me, I'm always interested in hearing people's stories.  This page really shows you that you can't judge a book by its cover.  Do yourself a favor and like "Humans of New York" on Facebook.  So interesting and often, uplifting.

9.) L'Oreal Colour Riche Lip Balm

I typically don't wear lipstick or lipgloss because my lips dry out so quickly.  Once Maybelline stopped making new Color Whispers, I needed something else.  The L'Oreal has an amazing creamy, consistency, but is sheer.  I don't like to really pile on the color, so this is perfect for the warmer months.  I really like the shade, Caring Coral.  Not too bright, but enough to notice.

Alright, so that's all I have for now.  What are some of your favorites for April?


  1. Love everything on this list! I already use most of it. Great choices. I will have to check out that lip color. I use whispers and didn't know they stopped making them! Shows how often I use it haha.

  2. Love the Talenti gelato! It's funny you posted the basil pesto because I made some two nights ago and complained having to clean out my food processor. I think I'm going to try the one you posted.

    I've never tried Ebates - is there a specific amount you have to spend in order to get money back, or it's every time you buy something?

    Hope you're feeling well! Hope she arrives on my birthday (4/13) lol! Great month to have a birthday :)

  3. I love Gelato and I think it is the generic version at Target but they have a Pistachio flavor I love. I haven't heard of gyft but that is a great idea, checking it out. I always have gift cards running around with balances on them.

  4. I'm so excited that someone else uses Shopkick. I get a little obsessed with it, especially if I'm trying to kill some time in Target and I'm trying to find all the scan-able items.

  5. I love the Sharpie Pens!!! They are my favorites!

  6. That gelato really is great. Maybe not Italy great, but great for stateside! This month I'm loving Warby Parker, my new Clinique eye cream (I have an eleventh month old... stock up on your supply!), and the author Mary Roach.

  7. The hubs and I love Last Man on Earth! It wasn't something I would have ever thought to watch, but the hubby had it on in the background and I got hooked! Good news! It just got renewed for Season 2! "Friggin' Todd!!"


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