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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Favorite Things

Hey all!

Holy crow... it's July already?  I know I say this every month...but really, where has the time gone?  I'm LOVING the hot weather, grilling out, and all the other fun stuff that goes along with summer.  I don't want it to end!  I wish it could stay June forever, but there is still a ton of fun that goes along with July.  So, let's get to my Favorite Things for July!

1.) It's a 10 Miracle Blow Dry Volumizer buy it here

I bought this stuff last summer because it was somewhat travel sized and used it during our Europe trip. I really liked it, but for some reason, it got thrown into the my beauty product graveyard.  Well, I recently rediscovered it, and I'm in love.  It gives you good lift and texture, without being too crazy sticky.  I think it's perfect for summer and a great alternative to the Aquage Uplifting Foam.

2.) Ladies of London

Ok, so I know the season is half over, but if you're a Bravo addict like myself, you need to be watching Ladies of London.  It's exactly like Real Housewives, but with a fresh cast.  I love how the Brits aren't really into the crazy antics of the Americans.  Love it.

3.) Essie Nail Polish in Peach Daiquiri buy it here

I've been putting regular polish on my toes when I don't want to lug out the gel polish kit.  Regular Essie lasts forever on my toes, and they have the best selection of summer corals. Peach Daiquiri is my current favorite.

4.) Return to Tiffany Bead Bracelet buy it here

I've worn this sterling silver bracelet almost every day since I got it a few years ago.  I actually never take it off.  It's definitely one of those pieces that goes with everything, but also looks good alone or stacked with a watch.

5.) Aladdin Mason Jar Tumbler buy it here 

So, now that we finally have a fridge that has a door ice dispenser, my Contigo water bottles aren't really working.  Their opening is too small, and ice usually ends up everywhere.  I love these Aladdin tumblers because they're cute and functional.  The straws are heavy duty and can go in the dishwasher, and they're insulated so it doesn't sweat and your drink stays cold.

6.) The Limited 678 White Jeans buy it here

Jeans from The Limited are pretty much the only ones I wear anymore.  They have such a perfect amount of stretch, but the white ones aren't see through at all.  You can dress them up with wedges and a cute shirt, or down with a tank and flip flops.  Love, Love LOVE them!

7.) Orange is the New Black- Season 2 

George and I just finished the second season last night, and it was every bit as good as the first.  If you haven't started this show, do it!  I feel like there's a good mix of comedy and drama, so it definitely keeps you entertained.  Fair warning, this show is not at all kid friendly!

8.) Peonies

Peonies are a close second to hydrangeas when it comes to flowers.  I bought some pink peonies last week, and they held up so well!  I feel like they are beautiful while lasting a really long time.  Now, if I could only grow my own. :)


  1. I wished I loved Aquage Uplifting Foam. My hair gets weird when I put thinks on my roots because its so baby fine.
    Orange is the New Black never fails to surprise I just started season 2, very interesting for sure!

  2. I love this list. I am loving Ladies of London too, it's really good!

  3. Must paint my toe nails that peach daiquiri color!! Yes to #8 all day every day!

  4. ahh you always come up with the best list and all these could have been on my favorite things list too...except for those Limited white jeans. I haven't tried those, but I love a great pair of white skinnies. I got the most beautiful bouquet of pink peonies last week from Fresh Market and I was just amazed at their beauty. I love them!

  5. Love this list. I put Ladies of London in my last Friday post. Loving it! I'm a Bravo addict. Love Essie polish - that color looks great. I have a peony bush in my backyard!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. Ladies of London is really good, they totally make fun of us Americans though. Haha! Peonies are just so pretty.

  7. I love lots of your July favorites! Especially the white jeans, Mason jar tumbler, and the peonies! :)

  8. Peonies love Illinois. They take a few years to mature and bloom something worth while but once they do holy cow. They are perennial so it comes back on it 's own every year... unless you spray weed killer on them. They are my favorite flower and I have a ton of peony plants at my house... in every shade of pink you can imagine.

  9. I haven't watched Ladies of London yet but I've heard that it's good, so I may be getting another TV show addiction soon. OITNB is SO crude but I can't stop watching haha :) I've only found one good batch of peonies, but they're definitely my FAVORITES! Gorgeous. Happy July!

  10. I wasn't that into Ladies of London the first episode or so, but now I'm hooked! So great!

  11. I got soooo into Ladies of London the other week and binge watched to catch up. Sadly none of my other Bravo-holic friends have jumped on board, so I have no one to talk about it with :( I really need a pair of white jeans, but every pair I try seems to be see through, so I might just have to stop by the Limited and try those!

  12. Love Ladies of London! I think all of us American's love it so much because it gives us a peak into how the English live. I haven't stepped foot in a Limited in years and then the one in our mall just closed. That's awesome you found some white skinnies that you love. I know how hard it is to find the perfect pair that aren't see through and cheap looking. Lovin' that Essie color too! And peonies are of course gorgeous!

  13. Such a pretty polish color and I am all about peonies too! I have never even heard of the Ladies of London. I really need to get on top of it!

  14. A big yes to Ladies of London and OITNB. I'm super behind on Ladies, and we almost try to "save" Orange since it's so easy to breeze through the whole season in a week ha. Such great summer-y finds!

  15. Hey there! I just finished OITNB and loved season 2! Even more than season 1! I love peonies too, but just got some hydrangeas in planters for my front door, they are the prettiest pink color!

    Have a great 4th weekend!

  16. Ahhh, love Essie & I have the same mason mug!

  17. I keep seeing the cutest little mason jar tumblrs! I'm always in need of new water bottles and they're so cute for summertime! I was watching Ladies of London and got behind and sadly we got a new DVR before I could catch up- I'll have to catch them when they marathon I guess!

  18. As much as I didn't want to get into it, I am loving Ladies of London as well! After binge watching a couple of episodes, I had to go back and re-watch the first episode again to see each person's intro! haha

  19. Ahhh vacation made me miss this. crapola.. I need to make a note of this next time, haha. These are great favorites.


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