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Thursday, June 12, 2014

What I've Been Up To

Wow, so I feel like I haven't posted in forever.  Lately, I feel like life has slowed down a bit, so I don't have as much to post about.  I was going through some phone pictures earlier and came across some good ones.

So, here are my "Thoughts for Thursday" phone dump post.


So, I signed up for another race.  This one coming up is called the Steamboat Classic, and it's actually a pretty big race.  Apparently, it is the world's fastest 4 miler, tons of elite runners are drawn to it in hopes of a PR.

For me, I'm thinking that there's no way I'll get a PR.  I've been just running on and off and not really "training."  I'm going to have fun, and not think about my time.  My family will be in town for Father's day too!  So excited!


If you follow me on Instagram (beautyandthegreek), you saw that we got sod!  Finally!

Thank goodness we got an irrigation system.  We've been watering nonstop, and I can't imagine moving a sprinkler around for 10 hours a day.  (Yes, I do feel guilty for wasting water)

Gracie was LOVING her new lawn.  I have a video of her going wild on my Instagram.  She is so happy to have a yard, and I am so happy that I don't have to take her to a vacant patch of grass to potty.


So G and I are super psyched that we have some family moving into our neighborhood.  I went to Amish country with them to help pick out their cabinets.  (It's seriously like deja vu from last year).  There's a DELICIOUSly unhealthy restaurant in Arthur, Illinois called Yoders.  The picture is of "Amish peanut butter."  Check out those low-cal ingredients.  I forgot to mention that they serve it on white bread.


I pretty much died and went to heaven when interior design goddess, Joanna Gaines, took the time to comment on my Instagram AND tell me I have beautiful style.  To me, that is like the Michael Jordan saying that you have a nice jump shot... or whatever.  Just, pinch me.

Man Crush:

I took this picture when George wasn't looking the other day.  I mean, he's just precious. 

Alright guys, that's all I have for now.  Thanks to Annie and Natalie for hosting!

Thoughts for Thursday


  1. ahhh I've missed your posts gal, but I totally understand being busy busy. First, your back yard is HUGE!! Omg, how nice...I know Gracie is in heaven. Isn't social media amazing how it can connect you so quickly to a tv/design start like joannagaines!! So cool and you deserve to be totally starstruck!! Love the pic of George in his scrubs..toocute!! Thanks for linking up!

  2. It sounds like you have been up to a lot of "good" busy things :)! Cheers to that! Xxxx.

  3. Yeah for sod!! I am trying to grow mine and it is horrible!! I love the ingredient list that is stuff we recognize but probably a million calories too! #YOLO! How cool that Joanna commented on your style!

  4. Although I don't know who Joanna Gaines is (don't judge me), I'm really excited for you! I would totally be the same way if Will Hoge tweeted back to me. Yay for grass!

  5. Ha ha! I don't know who Joannna Gaines or Will Hoge are...we just have netflix. (hopefully that is a valid excuse). That is so cool though that someone you admire reached out like that!

    I'm signing up for my first race in years! I finally got a jogging stroller and went on a run last's so much easier to just stay with it then to start from scratch!


  6. George is precious in his scrubs! That peanut butter sounds pretty freakin good if you ask me! Missed you blogging!

  7. I was supposed to do the steamboat this year but thanks to united airlines and canceling my flight I wasn't amble to make it. Hope you had fun.

  8. I LOVE Amish treats! They make the best donuts at the Farmers Market here :)

  9. I made a little come back last week too. I hadn't blogged in forever which is partly due to being so busy that it all just piled up that I was too apprehensive about making such a huge post. I really need to stay on top of it and hopefully we are both back for good (:


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