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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Costco Favorites

Hey all!

So, happy Thursday! As promised in my earlier post, I'm sharing some of my Costco favorites today.  Now, I'm a fairly newbie Costco shopper.  I've only been a member for a year, but it has only taken that long for me to become one of those "I got it at Costco" people.

I can sing its praises all day, but let's just cut to the chase.  So, here they are!

1. Kirkland brand Five Cheese Tortellini

Oh man, what an awesome one to kick off this list with.  These are THE BEST tortellini I've ever had. They come in two packs, so I usually throw the other in the freezer.  Brown some turkey sausage, throw in some artichoke hearts and pasta sauce, and BOOM! dinner is done!

2. Kirkland brand Red Grapefruit

George and I eat at least one of these a day.  There is some sugar in these, but to me, just the amount to make it not super sour without really sweet.  Does that make sense?  Doesn't need to...just trust me and buy these.

3. Newman's Special Blend- Extra Bold

These are George's favorite K cups, and you can buy 160 of them for around $83.  That breaks down to a little under 52 cents/cup.  You just can't beat the price.

4. Dodoni Feta

George and I go through a lot of feta. I love to make big salads, so feta is being used often.  (It is also delicious on BBQ chicken, who knew?)  The key to buying a large quantity of feta is to make sure that it is in brine.  Once you get past the "ick, cheese water bath factor", you'll love it because it stays fresh and delicious for much longer.

5. Kirkland brand Extra virgin olive oil

George and I have two different olive oils that we use.  There's the kind that his parents buy in Greek town in Chicago by the giant tin-full.  I use this for cooking and keep it in a dispenser by the stove.  When we have bread and olive oil or caprese salads, I break out the good stuff.  The newer your olive oil (the most recent the olives were harvested), the spicier and better for you it is.  More antioxidants or something.  Anyways...long story short, you can buy a bunch of expensive olive oils at Fresh Market, or you can get this EVOO at Costco for an AWESOME price.  It's also verrry delicious.

6. Restaurant Gift cards

If there is a restaurant that you know you're going to go to, grab some of these gift cards.  For example, George and I go to Old Chicago a lot with his brother, my SIL, and niece and nephews.  We know that  we would spend money there anyways.  You can buy $100 worth of gift cards for $80.  It's pretty awesome.  Many of the gift cards they sell work at multiple restaurants as well.

7.  Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad 

I usually try to stay away from chicken and tuna salads due to the mayo content.  I'm also kind of lazy and don't want to chop stuff to put into it.  So, I jumped on these individual chicken salad cups when I saw that they were made with low fat Greek yogurt.  It's super delicious, and I love to eat it with bread or dip pretzels in it.

8. Fage Individual Yogurts

George and I go through these like crazy.  I'd get lucky if I could find them for $1 a piece at the grocery store, and that was only when they were on sale.  The combo pack has 4 flavors, and I think it breaks down to around 80 cents per yogurt.

9. Kirkland Workout Clothing

I don't know what the material is that they use for their dry fit stuff, but it is so soft.  I love their tanks and the long sleeve half zips.  I haven't tried their pants and capris, but maybe soon.

10. Veggie Patch Spinach and Chickepea Patties

Ok, I know at first glance, these probably look nasty, but they are SO GOOD.  They have a little bit of a curry flavor, but also good texture.  They're so easy, you just pop them in the microwave.  I like to put them over a big salad with veggies for a meatless Monday dinner.

11. Costco Hotdog & Drink Combo

Last, but not least....the cherry on top.  The $1.50 hotdog and drink combo.  I freakin' love hotdogs, and I'm not ashamed to put it out there.  Costco has some of the best 'dogs I've ever had, and I can't think of a better reward for power-pushing that giant cart around the store.

Alright, those are my favorites.  Show me some love and pin this button? :)

What are some of yours?


  1. You seriously can't go wrong with the hot dog and drink so so yummy!
    I love Costco and could spend all day there (minus the jam-packed crowd)!!

  2. I definitely just googled where the nearest Costco is! (Unfortunately too far away). We do Sam's which seems similar, but clearly not as wonderful!

  3. Those hot dogs are delicious - and one with a drink for $1.50??? Who can say no to that. {Not me}.
    My next trip I will be sure to get some of the tortellini. And a hot dog.

  4. You've posted about that cranberry almond chicken salad before and it made me so jealous that you have a costco. I love chicken salad and that looks soooo yummy!!!

  5. What am I doing wrong in this life where I don't go to Costco. That chicken salad sounds so good and with Greek yogurt less guilt. Also, give me all the FETA!!!! :)

  6. I'm not a Costco member, but I've been several times with friends who are... I really love their bagged salad that is the "super food mix" or something like that - shaved Brussels sprouts, kale, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, and other goodies - it's delicious!!

  7. I'm a Sam's Club girl!
    favorites? bag of minipeppers perfect salads and roasting
    massively oversized containers of hummus
    pecans for baking

    I swear we are there at least three times a week, it is too damn convenient to avoid their beef hotdog combos too!!

  8. This post makes me want to go walk around Costco with you, and you can just show me the sights :)

  9. great post!! I'm always looking for new Costco buys. Love their chicken salad too. I didn't know that olive oil is healthier the freshest it is. Such a good tip! I've been wanting to try those spinach and chickpea patties but didn't want to waste $ if I didn't like them. I'll be buying them now!! I need to do a post like this too!!

  10. I love this. I am also a big fan of some of the things you mentioned. Plus, there's a trail mix I like from there as a little treat. And cashew clusters. I portion things like that out in 1/3 cup packages for a week and they are great snacks. I really like the Kirkland brand whole grain bread. It seems to have more taste or something. I haven't tried the workout tops so that's going on my list but their two pack of camis are the softest camis I've ever had. I live in those at home.

  11. A new Costco opens here soon! Can't wait!! Ps, pinned it ;-)

  12. AHHHHH!!! Love this post - I feel like you should make this a regular occurrence as you discover new things at Costco. I love their workout capris (highly recommend!), but I will definitely be scouting out their tops now. Thanks for the list!!! Costco is such an amazing (and dangerous!) place. :)


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