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Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Favorite Things

Hey all!  I'm super excited to introduce Ally, from Life As I Know It as the new cohost for Favorite Things.  Kylie is taking a little bit of a blogging hiatus, so Ally has graciously decided to step in.  So happy to have you, Ally!

So lets get to it!

1. Rodan + Fields Soothe Line Buy It Here

I could talk for ten posts about how jacked up my skin is, but I'll spare you.  Basically, I have a mix between rosacea and acne.  The littlest thing, like sleeping in powder, can send my skin into a total meltdown.  At the time that I ordered this line, my face was a total mess, and I was willing to try anything.  Normally, I'm very skeptical of new fads, and feel that they're just that, fads.  I do, honestly, feel that this is different.  It is pricey, but you have a money back guarantee if you don't like it. My skin was noticeably smoother after just a few days.

2. Donut Shop Coconut Mocha K-Cups Buy it here

My sister in law got me totally hooked on these.  I'm a huge coconut flavor (no actual coconut, can't stand the texture) fan.  These have a strong coconut flavor without tasting like tanning lotion.  Pair this with warmer weather and vanilla creamer, and I'm in heaven.  Yum!

3.) Amazon Prime Try it here

Our Fedex, UPS, and mail carrier probably hate us by now.  We have been ordering EVERYTHING off of Amazon Prime.  Peoria doesn't have quite the variety of shopping that Indy did, so we're using Amazon Prime even more often now.  I love that free, 2 day shipping is always included, along with Amazon instant video.  SO worth the money.

4.) Lindsay Check it out here

Add Lindsay to my list of trash TV.  I'm not ashamed.  Lindsay is a docu-series on the OWN network that takes a peek into the real life of Lindsay Lohan.  She is a recovering alcoholic (but still parties pretty hard), trying to get back into the acting scene, and adjusting to a new home in NYC.  Warning: Your husband will find this show incredibly boring. This is best watched alone or with your girls.

5.) Dymo Label Maker buy it here

As I'm getting into the clutter part of unpacking, I'm trying to start fresh and be organized.  This label maker is awesome for making binder tabs and containers appear neat and tidy.  It also helps George figure out what stuff is without actually having to sort through it.  

6.) Target Boat Neck Tee Buy It Here

Again, I gotta share my favorite Target tops.  They are perfect for spring weather with a 3/4 length sleeve and bright prints.  They're soft cotton, so you can throw them in the wash.  A plain one with a dressy necklace can go from casual to dressy so easily.  The best part, they're $12.99, and you can sometimes find a Cartwheel coupon to make them even cheaper.

7.) Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner Buy It Here

This may be my favorite for the month.  I've heard people talking about the "no-poo" method of skipping on the shampoo.  For me,  I could never NOT wash my hair.  This stuff is the perfect compromise.  For the days where my hair is dirty or sweaty, but doesn't have a bunch of product, the cleansing conditioner is perfect.  You slather it on, leave it on for the whole shower, and rinse before you get out.  It also smells like mint, and it makes you feel like you're in a spa.

8.) iHeartOrganizing Check her out here

Jen from iHeartOrganizing is a genius.  I've been loving her printables, project gallery, and DIY ideas.  Most of her projects are pretty inexpensive and manageable to do in a day.  She recently did a month of different cleaning and organizing projects.  She shared her recipes for all natural cleaners and did a step by step tutorial.  Check her out!

9.) Kirkland Red Grapefruit Cups

I've recently discovered so many new Costco finds, but I think this one is my favorite.  I love grapefruit, but I'm super lazy and don't want to cut out the little sections.  The fruit is packed in water and has very minimal sugar. So delicious!

Now it is your turn to join the link up!  What are some of your Favorite Things for May?


  1. We order everything off of Prime too and I'm sure the delivery men hate us too haha. I'll have to try the Target tees, I'm always on the market for tees, I go through them pretty quickly. I LOVE IHeart Organizing!!! It's the first blog I started to read, she's amazing and I love her style... if only I could be as organized as her! And finally the grapefruit cups are sooo good! I used to eat them like crazy when I was pregnant!

    Thanks for the linkup!!

  2. I love the I heart Organizing blog - she is so good!! Everything always looks so pretty too lol! My husband would not survive without k-cups - especially donut shop ones!!

  3. Thanks so much for having me!! Guess I need to check out Iheart organizing blog. Everyone above my comment seems to love it too! I have yet to watch Lindsey but I know it's only time I'll get sucked in!

  4. I love those k-cups too. I haven't had them since I have been clean eating but I crave them like every day. Seeing this has made me want some.... as I sip on my green tea.

  5. Love love love Amazon prime. I've been known to order things like toilet paper and paper towels on amazon to save a trip to costco. The target tees are adorable, definitely going to have to pick up a few this weekend :) oooo and I HAVE to try the herbal essences cleansing conditioner. I've been using one that my salon recommended but this seems like a much more cost effective option.

  6. LOVE all of the donut shop k-cups. We finally unpacked ours so I can start using it again! Great picks/post- I can't wait to participate next time!

  7. I love the Coconut Mocha K Cups. I haven't seen them in stores yet though. Love iHeartOrganizing so many tips and freebies.

  8. I'm also a big fan of Amazon Prime, and those red grapefruit cups are great.

  9. I love the label maker! We have one of them too! The hubs even likes to use it for his stuff in the shed which I found to be pretty impressive for a guy to have interest in! haha :) Thanks for sharing the cleansing conditioner! I will have to check that out!

  10. My hubs and I are obsessed with Amazon. We should really get Prime. I watched Lindsey too. Wow, she's a trainwreck!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  11. I love iheartorganizing too! So much great inspiration on her blog...I love all of her projects!

  12. I love iheartorganizing! She's where I got my budget binder spreadsheets from. Also, I love that you have a label maker on here. Awesome.

  13. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. email market share .

  14. That coffee looks amazing! I love coconut coffee!

  15. I love grapefruit too but, between the laziness and the stickyness, they usually sit in my fridge for way longer than they should! I'll definitely be on the lookout for these next time! :)

  16. Ahhh, I must try the Coconut Mocha- sounds delish!

    I'm addicted to Amazon Prime too ;-)

  17. Red Grapefruit is one of my Costco staples too. It saves so much time!

  18. One of my old friends just started selling R&F. I am curious now! She is not the direct sales type at all, so I figured that she must be really passionate about the product to sell it.

    I have been watching True Tori, so I get it on the trashy celeb reality show front.

    I love so many of these things!

  19. Your posts are always so pleasing. What do you use to make that great graphic? Love all these things!


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