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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

But First, Let Me Take A Shelfie

Hey all!  Long time no see, read, blog.  I've been feeling sickly for the past few days, so I've taken a little time off from blogging.  George was also off work last week, so I was trying to spend every minute doing something fun with him.

So anyways, today I'm going to talk a bit about the house.  We have all of the furniture we originally ordered in, but it still feels pretty bare.  I guess you could say we're in the awkward phase between just moving in and being "settled."

I'm trying to take my time with decorating and find pieces that I really love.  It's tempting to run out and buy a bunch of stuff to make the house feel complete, but I know that I would eventually regret it when I found what I really wanted.

So having said that, I'm trying to decorate with things that I have laying around the house or items that I've purchased at a huge discount.  Today, I'm going to join in on the party hosted by One King's Lane and highlight my #shelfie (shelf styling).

We have the "Rhys" media collection from Pottery Barn, and Im really happy with it.  It's from our old house, so it's a little banged up, but that just adds character, right? Sadly, PB no longer sells it.

Let me first say that this is a definite work in progress, and I'm sure things will get changed around quite a bit.  I actually had everything done perfectly, but George changed it all around when he added the speakers.  :)  Whatevs.

I enjoy seeing pictures and personal photos around the house. As much as I'd love to use our wedding pictures and Gracie portraits everywhere, I don't want to look nuts and narcissistic with my face everywhere.

George and I had some framed pictures of our grandparents from our wedding's memory table, and I thought those would be perfect.  Eventually, I want to do a gallery wall along the stairs, but all in time.

Besides the grandparent pictures, George has some vintage medical encyclopedias that once belonged to his grandparents.  I like the different colors on the spines, and being that we're both medical people, I think they're perfect!

On the lower two shelves, I tried to limit anything breakable and/or harmful.  We have a ton of small kiddos in the family, so putting the glass items and breakable things up high is a must.

One tip that I've found very useful for styling shelves: take the dust jackets off of your books!  It makes such a difference, and you won't miss them.

The baskets on the low shelves were purchased at Gordman's for $14.99 a piece.  Mercury glass candle... $3.00 on clearance. 

I also like using a mix of color and black and white pictures.  I tried to use silver frames where I could to make them pop against the dark background of the shelves.  Eventually, I'd like to get the balls to paint/paper the backs...but for now, I'm leaving them alone.

That's all for now!  How do you style your #shelfies?

Also, don't forget June 2nd is the Favorite Things linkup!  Share your favorite things for June, and join in on the party!


  1. Love it! This is perfectly timed now that I'm about to move and have a very bare house with a clean slate to decorate.

    and woo!!! SATC!! second reference this week, I think its a interworld hint that I need to watch it again soon.

  2. I just love your style. So classic and pulled together. I really need a new entertainment center, i need to check out PB.

  3. HAHA! this title made me laugh! love the two towers (LOTR?) they look really nice! You have such a keen eye for design. Need you to come take some of my art! to put on your walls, so my place looks better! :)

  4. We don't have any bookshelves or anything like that in our house, so all of our stuff stays in a closet! :/ But you did an awesome job organizing everything! It looks so good! :)

  5. Heck yes the medical books is a awesome idea! Looks great. (I love this post title too, btw.) I'm sure you'll get the house looking fabulous in no time.

  6. Nice shelves! They look great next to the TV. Love that you were watching SATC :)

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