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Friday, April 4, 2014

When It Rains....

Woof!  It has been an interesting week to say the least.  While I've gotten a lot done, I've also had some pretty bad luck.

First of all, I woke up looking like THIS on Tuesday.

Yes, I just put this on the internet...

It seems like I had some sort of weird allergic reaction to some oral antibiotics I was on for acne prevention.  Anyways, I developed a double chin and quoted Fat Bastard all day. My chins actually jiggled when I walked.  I felt really beautiful.

 I'm still a little swollen, but nothing terrible.  A quick round of steroids should get me back to normal in no time.

Next, one of my Favorite Things for April, the Shark Vac then Steam, BROKE.  Are you freaking kidding me?

It seems like the pumping mechanism that pumps the water through to the mop head stopped working.  Water started spurting out the back.  George and I tried to take it apart and clean out the tubing, but we couldn't get it fixed.  So, now I'm looking for suggestions for new steam mops..anyone?

RIP Steam Vac... It's been real ( Gracie has to be in any picture)

Finally, yesterday morning and afternoon, the midwest got a big soaking rain.  We got about 3.5 inches pretty quickly.  Well, the our yard and paving isn't done.  They can't do it until the ground is thawed and dried.  It has thawed, but it's a muddy mess.  Anyways, water collected right up against our house and water came through an unsealed pipe and started LEAKING in the basement.  Another WTF...

It was fixed almost immediately by our builder, but a puddle in the unfinished area of your basement isn't something you ever want to see.

The silver lining of this all?  George was actually off this week, so he was able to help me with all of this.  AND bad things happen in 3's right? So it can only get better from here?

That's all I have for now, I'm going to stuff my face and yell at something (ya know, cuz of the steroids). Haha just kidding, except the first part.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. What a no good very bad day!! You are right it can only get better and glad George was there to help!

  2. Awful! I hope this weekend brightens things up for you a bit!

  3. Girl!! You need to try Acnomel for acne. It's sulfur based and works miracles I swear!! No more nasty abx for acne!! We have a Shark but it's different than that one. I'll have to investigate what it's called. We've only used it once so hard to say if it'll break easily or not!! Hope your weekend is great!

  4. Oh gosh, you must be in the clear by now...they definitely come in 3's! Maybe you'll get 3 good things now, to make up for it :)

  5. Welcome to Illinois. The weather sucks here most the time.
    It's Friday so there is a good start to your bad luck.

  6. Poor thing!!!! Here's to a GREAT weekend for deserve it! Xx.

  7. Girl!! That sounds so stressful!! Hope your weekend kicks off fabulously though!! Xo

  8. I cannot stop laughing at that picture. Hahahaha. I'm so sorry, but oh my gosh I'm dying. You look terrible! Hahaha. It's like that scene in Hitch when Will Smith has an allergic reaction to the seafood. Sorry I wrote "haha" so much but seriously. I love you for sharing that.

  9. Oh no, hope your weekend gets better!! Getting water in the basement of your brand new house would be so frustrating...luckily they were able to quickly fix it, but still.

  10. Hope this week is better for you! xo

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  11. That is so crazy! I love that you just compared yourself to Fat Bastard. My biggest fear is rain coming in the basement. Hope your week is looking better!

  12. Not fun! I know exactly how those things go.. if it's not one thing it's another... in domino effect. It's been that way around here too. Booohoo! Fingers crossed that this week goes much better for you, fat bastard. ;) Sorry, I laughed pretty hard at that one. Lol. :)

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