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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Getting It Together

Happy hump day blog land.  I actually had to look at my calendar to see what day it was.  This whole not having a job thing really makes you lose track of what day it is.  Ridiculous...

Anyways, today I'm going to talk about getting my shit together.  For the past few weeks, I've been unpacking, answering the door and being interrupted by the countless deliverers, service men, and construction people, all while trying to develop a routine.  Now that most of that stuff is kind of calming down, I'm ready to get it together.

This week I started a "list."  Now, George is always telling me that my to do list should be electronic, so I'll always have it, it's editable, and you can share it.  While this makes a ton of sense, it's just not how I work.  I need a physical piece of paper. (Pretty paper makes it better).

My goal is to do a list for each week with what I need to complete for the week.  Here is this week's list.

I found this free printable from I Heart Organizing here... and yes, unpack alcohol is one of the items on my to do list. (Already done).

Next up, the running.  Oh dear have I been slacking on the running.  It's bad, like real bad.  After my marathon it took me a solid month to recover.  When that recovery time was up, it was -10 outside.  Then, I got busy with the move, so here I am. On April 9th, and I've run less than 30 miles for the entire year.  Yikes.

Well, I'm going to slowly but surely, ease back into it.  There is an AWESOME trail exactly 0.4 miles from my front door to the trail head. This trail goes on for 26 miles, so you have plenty to run on.

I'm making a point to get out and take Gracie for a nice long walk or run every day.  I would like to get my butt in shape to do a 5k or two in the summer, and maybe something longer in the fall.  I'm sitting the marathon out this year.

Lastly, I'm meal planning.  I'm picking at least 3 dinners and buying all of the ingredients on Sunday or Monday.  Going to the store every time I want to make a meal is a real drag and discourages me from cooking.  For this week, I planned barley and lentil curry soup, crock pot chicken fajitas, and Greek quinoa burgers.

The lentil soup was a recipe from Real Simple magazine, and it sucked.  The lentils and barley ended up soaking up all of the liquid, and it turned into just a bowl of lentils and barley.  If you happen to run across it on Pinterest, skip it.

Epic Fail Soup
Maybe it's the spring time that makes me feel like I need to be productive, or maybe it's just the fact that I need to get it together. :)

Do you have any goals for the upcoming weeks?


  1. Hang in there, it's hard when you move to get it all together because there's so much going on. I saw that pintable at IHeart too - love it, although I have my to do's on my phone just because it's always with me.

  2. Oh I love your list! Seeing other peoples lists makes me want to do one of my own! I have such a love/hate relationship with productivity!!! :)

  3. I hate when recipes don't come out quite like you had hoped for!! Love that list and currently printing it - I need something like that for work!! Glad everything is starting to come together!! A 26 mile trail outside your door is pretty amazing!

  4. I also have to have paper lists for everything - work, grocery shopping, weekend schedules. And I can't cross out things on the list, I have to re-write the entire thing. I might be a touch OCD.

  5. Awesome that you have a trail head near by! That will be great once the weather gets nice out! Micro chip! I always forget to do that when I move until it expires that year and I have to pay again:) it's a good reminder but not timely! And I'm with you paper list. Something feels good about crossing off or checking off something on a physical piece of paper! That list is BIG, good luck!

  6. I love a good old-fashioned paper to-do list! You can usually find mine in my planner (the mini binder by Russell + Hazel) which I carry *everywhere.*
    I've had my fair share of magazine/Pinterest/blog recipe fails. I highly recommend this particular Pinterest find though, Italian sausage, veggie, and orzo soup: I made it last week and I'm making another batch already tomorrow :-)

  7. At least you have some items already check off! Alcohol is a must when unpacking! That is so awesome having a trail that close to you.

  8. I love that paper. My hubs tells me to make my lists (and lists for my lists) electronic too but I like to have something to carry when I am shopping, running errands, packing and such. I think I am going to have to download some pretty paper like that, will make list making even more fun.

  9. Oh how I love a good list! And I need mine on paper too, not electronic...although my grocery list is electronic. And I have been slacking on the running/workout like crazy too. This dang weather! I'm running a 5k in May and I need to get my booty outside running!!

  10. I have been feeling the same since our move - the first weekend of march! I'll think I'm settled and then realize that my apartment all of a sudden looks like we just moved in again lol. Good luck with everything! I'm going to print one of those to-do lists now :)

  11. I hear yea I finally got 2 slow miles in today. The IL weather is finally starting to get nice lets just hope it stays that way.

  12. Everything about this post is straight-up awesome. I totally noticed that you had "unpack alcohol"! hilarious. Also, I kind of love that you made a recipe that failed. I HATE when that happens to me. Total fail, but I feel better that it happens to other people as well. Does that make me a mean person? No, don't answer that. But HELLO awesome running trail! That's excellent. I love how you're like "I'm skipping the marathon this year." Been there, ran that.

  13. I love that TO DO list! I so need to print one off for myself. I have tried the whole to do list in my phone and shared it with Anthony with intentions that we both can attempt to get that stuff done by the end of each week but inevitably it fails each time and nothing gets done. Maybe this would work out better!

  14. I love that list you used, but I couldn't find it on her blog. Is it not there anymore?


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