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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Favorite Things

Hey all! It's April, and that means...April Favorite Things.  Seriously though, where did March go?  Maybe it was because of all the moving craziness, but I can't believe it's April already.  As you'll notice, many of the things I'm loving this month have to do with cleaning and organizing.  Spring cleaning, here we come!

1.) Target Dollar Baskets- Find Similar Ones Here

As I've been unpacking, I've been trying to organize as I go.  There are cute little baskets at Target in the dollar section (they look similar to this one).  They aren't the sturdiest, but they're perfect for odds and ends.  I stocked up...big time.

2.) Nutella Single Servings- Buy it here

I rarely eat Nutella because I have no self control.  I will eat half the jar. Really, it's sad.  These little individual packets are perfect.  It's just enough to eat with pretzels, and it gives you your fix.  When you're done, you're done...unless you sneak into the pantry to get another one.

3.) Girls- Watch It Here

I've heard so much about this show, and I finally decided to check it out a few weeks ago.  Now, I am HOOKED.  I've heard some people compare it to Sex and the City, and there are certainly some similarities.  This show is much different.  I think I like it because the characters are all my age, and I can certainly relate to some of the problems they face.  I will say that this show is for adults only.  Make sure your kids are in a deeeep sleep before you turn this on.  

*Mom- I'm talking to you.  Do NOT watch this show.  You will be appalled. Love you!

4.) Method Laundry Detergent- buy it here

How have I not discovered this stuff sooner?  I mean really.  I'm a total Method cleaning product addict.  I'm sure you'll see more of their stuff in my future favorite things, but this detergent takes the cake.  The packaging is genius.  It's a concentrated detergent, and you just pump it into the detergent compartment, and you're done!  4 pumps = 1 load.  No sticky dripping, no detergent cups... it's amazing.

5.) Shark Vac Steam- buy it here

I got this as a Christmas gift a while back, and now that I have allll of this hardwood in the new place, I love it even more.  Swiffers are great, but they don't pick up crumbs and dust.  This is a vacuum for hard surfaces, then has a click on mop head, so you can steam clean after. I like that there are no chemicals and the steam heats up the messes, so they come off easily. 

6.) Microfiber Towels- buy it here

Microfiber  towels were one of the first items that I bought when we moved in.  I used to primarily use paper towels for cleaning, but these microfiber ones are so much better!  They are washable, so definitely more green, and they're great for picking up hair and dust.  

7.) City Color Be Matte Blush in Fresh Melon- buy it here

I first got this blush in my Ipsy box a few months ago.  It reminds me a lot of Melba from MAC, but not so brown.  It's the perfect blush for spring, and is really pigmented.  I also like that there isn't a whole lot of sheen, so you don't look like you're glowing (in a bad way).

8.) Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer- buy it here

I've always been a Cetaphil girl, but I feel like my face gets a little too oily as the weather warms up.  I'm loving this Neutrogena moisturizer.  It keeps dry skin away, but you also don't feel like you're smothering your face.  They make it in a ton of different formulations, but I use the one for sensitive skin and I love it.

Alright, that's all I have for now.  Now, it's your turn to link up! It is open all week.  Make sure to check out my guest co-host Ally, from Life As I Know It, here.


  1. Nutella single servings may just be the best invention ever!! Huge fan of micro fiber towels!!

  2. Thanks again for hosting this wonderful linkup! I always look forward to it. I really need to get into Target's Dollar Section but since the closest target for us is almost an hour away it never happens. Those little baskets would be great for organizing my makeup. I currently have all of it in three huge baskets similar to these and have it sorted by eye shadows, foundations & blushes and then another for other but I find myself always digging through it or just resorting to just the same basics everyday. Needless to say my vanity is always a mess still!

  3. Nutella single servings?! I don't have the Shark Vac Steam but I have the Bissell version and I love it. Perfect for my bathroom and living room.

  4. Have you seen Method's new(ish) fabric softener? Instead of cloths, it's a spray that you put 2-3 pumps of in the dryer with your wet clothes. I loved their plant-based dryer cloths before, but the spray is just way better :-)

    Also, I have a Shark vacuum and love it, so I'm putting the Shark steam mop on my wishlist. I spent an hour on my hands and knees scrubbing the (probably unsealed) disgusting (thanks to the prior owners of our house) grout in our kitchen on Sunday and it's still not clean! Maybe steam will help...

  5. I refuse to buy Nutella for the same reason....but might need a few of these individual packets! Xx.

  6. I have a shark vacuum and a shark steam mop but I didn't know they made an all in one piece now!! That's great!

  7. I use that Neutrogena moisturizer and was thinking about switching to Cetaphil!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. I am def going to try that detergent. I hate the pouring sticky mess!

  9. I love that Neutrogena moisturizer too!

  10. Single servings of nutella?! Yes please! No mess pump detergent!? Amen! That is genius! I love microfiber towels too! We have hard water so we have to hand dry our dishes and it seems like the microfiber ones are the best ones to use for the job! I poorly planned for linking up this month (again). But I still love reading what yall have to share! :)

  11. I have the Shark steam mop and love it but have never heard of the vac, that sounds awesome! Microfiber rags are amazing! I use them all of the time too and like how they hold in the dust as you're dusting. Thanks for the heads up on the $1 baskets :)

  12. We got a Shark steam vac and it's awesome! Love that I don't have to mop anymore. This saves so much time! Thanks for having me guest host the link up!

  13. I'm also a big fan of microfiber towels.

  14. Love Girls! Love Method laundry soap - it smells SO good! Have wanted a steam vac forever, haven't bit the bullet yet.

  15. Ahh!! I am a total Method addict! I need to try that laundry detergent! Thanks for sharing, pretty lady! Xo

  16. Completely agree about having no self control around nutella. My addiction expands to any type of peanut/almond/chocolate spread. I need to only buy singles from now on!

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