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Friday, March 28, 2014

Coming Up in April

Hey all! I'm linking up to give you a sneak peak at some posts to come in April on the blog.  I've fallen off the blogging train a bit during this crazy month with moving to the new house and all, but in April... I'm getting back on!

So here's what's coming!

1.) Favorite Things

This month, Ally from Life As I Know It is guest co-hosting this link up, and it will be on April 1st.  So, save yourself the expected April Fools post, and just share your Favorite Things with us. :)  More info in my Favorite Things tab.

2.) Bedroom Project

So they say you should do one room at a time when it comes to decorating a house.  I'm choosing to do the basement guest room first.  I want to have a pretty and serene place for guests to stay.  Hopefully, I can track my progress and share some discount finds with you guys.

3.) Giveaway

I'm in a giving mood this April, so stay tuned for some sort of giveaway.  Get excited.

4.) Look at Me!  I'm Working Out!

After I read the viral article, "11 Reasons Why The Fitness Culture on Social Media Needs to be Stopped," it really got me thinking.  I feel like I'm getting more and more annoyed by the seemingly constant posts announcing someone completed a workout that day.  But, at the same time, I sometimes post my runs, which probably annoys some people.  Where is the balance?

5.) Vlog?

I LOVE it when bloggers do vlogs.  I think it's because I imagine what they sound and/or talk like as I'm reading them, and then actually hearing them is so entertaining.  Am I alone here? Anyways, I'll probably chicken out.  Maybe I'll make George do it with me?  Meet the Greek style.  I'm nervous just thinking about it.  Maybe this will happen in May.  Or never...

 That's all for now.  Don't forget to link up for Favorite Things on April 1st!


  1. I'm always so scared to do a vlog - mostly because will people think i'm crazy/have a terrible voice?! Can't wait to see what you have in store for April - especially the giveaway!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Haha! I'm with you.. I enjoy watching/hearing other vlogs but the thought of me doing it gives me anxiety! Haha. :) Thanks for the reminder on April favorite things! Is it really a new month already?! Whoa. Looking forward to your other April posts too! Happy Friday!

  3. I vote Vlog! I personally like when people post pics of their workouts, your running posts are so inspiring!!

  4. Ahhh...Vlog's freak me out because of my low voice. LOL..I love fitness pic's. Not so much the everyday flexing ones.
    I mean progress flexing fine, but everyday gets kind of "look at me, look at me". I do love the running, exercising, etc ones.
    I do it to keep me accountable and show people that just because I'm not at my goal I'm still working.
    Progress not perfection.:)

  5. I hate the way my voice sounds on camera so I probably would do one but I love watching them! I get motivated from workout posts on Instagram.

  6. Hahaha I always imagine what people sound like too, or at work I mostly talk on the phone so I imagine what they look like :) you should do a vlog! And I agree with 1 room at a time, I painted our kitchen, bedroom and spare room but haven't finished decorating any of them so I feel a little overwhelmed now!

  7. that bedding is so pretty! i would never do a vlog myself because i hate the sound of my voice on video / recording (talking on your mix tapes anyone?) i dont mind when people post their workouts, unless they are obnoxious!

  8. I was supposed to do a vlog back in October and I did it totally candid and recorded it and then watched it and realized the sound was too low! No one would be able to hear me! I tried to fix it but couldn't and every other recording just wasn't the same. So I never did it! Can't wait for the link up!!

  9. Vlog! Yes, please. Maybe I'll put one of those in the works over at Barks and Baking too... I think it's always fun to hear the bloggers that I read, because I've made up voices for all of them in my head :-)

  10. love your blog! looking forward to april's posts!

  11. I love vlogs too, I say go for it! I have done a few and I always feel soooo awkward -- but just have a big glass of wine beforehand :)

  12. I LOVE vlogs and I oddly love when people sound totally different than I expected hahaha.


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