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Friday, March 28, 2014

Coming Up in April

Hey all! I'm linking up to give you a sneak peak at some posts to come in April on the blog.  I've fallen off the blogging train a bit during this crazy month with moving to the new house and all, but in April... I'm getting back on!

So here's what's coming!

1.) Favorite Things

This month, Ally from Life As I Know It is guest co-hosting this link up, and it will be on April 1st.  So, save yourself the expected April Fools post, and just share your Favorite Things with us. :)  More info in my Favorite Things tab.

2.) Bedroom Project

So they say you should do one room at a time when it comes to decorating a house.  I'm choosing to do the basement guest room first.  I want to have a pretty and serene place for guests to stay.  Hopefully, I can track my progress and share some discount finds with you guys.

3.) Giveaway

I'm in a giving mood this April, so stay tuned for some sort of giveaway.  Get excited.

4.) Look at Me!  I'm Working Out!

After I read the viral article, "11 Reasons Why The Fitness Culture on Social Media Needs to be Stopped," it really got me thinking.  I feel like I'm getting more and more annoyed by the seemingly constant posts announcing someone completed a workout that day.  But, at the same time, I sometimes post my runs, which probably annoys some people.  Where is the balance?

5.) Vlog?

I LOVE it when bloggers do vlogs.  I think it's because I imagine what they sound and/or talk like as I'm reading them, and then actually hearing them is so entertaining.  Am I alone here? Anyways, I'll probably chicken out.  Maybe I'll make George do it with me?  Meet the Greek style.  I'm nervous just thinking about it.  Maybe this will happen in May.  Or never...

 That's all for now.  Don't forget to link up for Favorite Things on April 1st!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Ten Commandments... Of Moving

Hey all! I am absolutely woofed from moving.  I wake up in the mornings and literally unpack and/or clean all day.  I'm pretty much done with the exception of a few things like pictures that still need to be hung.  Currently, our three upstairs bedrooms are used for randoms that we don't know what to do with.

All I can say is, praise Jesus we have wifi.  Watching/listening to movies while I unpack is really nice.  Anyways, while unpacking, I came up with a list of "commandments" for moving.

In no particular order:

1.) Thou shalt not.... get a manicure before you move.

Yeah, my nails no longer look like this
Holy...cow... my nails are a MESS.  I've not only broken every single one, but they're splitting and cracking all over the place.  Picking up heavy stuff, peeling off tape, and lots of heavy duty cleaning has given me man hands.

2.) Thou shalt not... listen to "The House that Built Me" as you're pulling away from your old home.

Of ALL the songs of my iphone, this one comes on 10 minutes as I'm leaving Indy.  Hardcore water works... I was a mess.

3.) Thou shalt not... pack your box cutter.

I'm the genius who forgot to leave the box cutter out, and the movers packed it.  Thank goodness it was in one of the first few boxes I had opened. Opening boxes with kitchen scissors is not ideal.

4.) Thou shalt not... open a bunch of boxes and dig through them.  One at a time.

It is SO hard to resist the urge to not open a bunch of boxes and pick out what you need.  Then, at the end of the day, you haven't accomplished much but instead, open up a bunch of boxes and half empty them.  Going through one box at a time and making a trash, not sure, or put away pile makes it much more manageable.

5.) Thou shalt not... work without a Diet Coke.

This speaks for itself.  Sometimes you just need a good Diet Coke to get you through polishing and cleaning all of your stemware.

6.) Thou shalt not... mop the floors BEFORE you move in.

It was so temping to mop the floors and make them sparkle when the house was all empty.  But, you and the movers will be in and out of the house a million times before the day is over.  Your shoes will track in all kinds of dust that will totally cancel out all of your prior day's hard work.

7.) Thou shalt not... wait until the last minute to declutter.

This is something that G and I majorly failed at.  If I had it to do all over again, I would have taken one room per day and seriously considered what we were going to not need or want in the new house.  Since we didn't do our own packing, I kept thinking how much time was wasted that the movers packed certain items that ended up going straight to Goodwill in Peoria.

8.) Thou shalt not... forget to make sure your sugar and flour are wrapped extra and very padded.

source big box of kitchen stuff had our OXO Pop containers.  One of those giant containers contained powdered sugar...and busted...all. over. everything.  It was a huge mess and a major pain in the butt.  Thankfully, everything could be wiped off (including 80 K-cups).

9.) Thou shalt not... have your pets around.

Thankfully, Gracie was boarded and with my parents during the move. I can't imagine having to be worried about her running out open doors, tripping the movers, and being scared with all of the loud noises.  My parents were able to bring her to Peoria as soon as we were mostly unpacked and things had calmed down a bit.

10.) Thou shalt not... sweat the small stuff... like scratches.

You WILL get little scratches in your hard wood floors and your furniture.  It's going to happen.  File a claim on the big ones and MOVE ON.  George and I were discussing a particularly sad story about one of my patients with cancer one night, and George made an excellent point.  During this patient's last few weeks on Earth, do you think they go home and point out all the scratches in their hardwood?  No.  These things are not important in the grand scheme of things.

That's all for now.  Is there anything else that you would add to the list?

Friday, March 21, 2014

New House Tour!

Hey guys!

Holy cow, I have been one busy lady.  On Monday, the movers came and packed our house.  It was pretty insane.  We had actually done very little to prepare because we were able to close much sooner than we were anticipating.  (Props to our builder).

Two guys came to the Indy house to pack everything in the morning, and by 4:30, all of our possessions were on a truck pulling away from my old house.  George was working in Peoria at the time, so it was just me, the two guys, and my dad came later to help. Thankfully, it went really smoothly.

On Tuesday, they came around 11:00 to the P-Town house unloaded the truck. By 3:00, my house was full of boxes.  Since then, I've been cleaning some more.  Good times, good times.  As I've been unpacking, I've been forming a mental "Ten Commandments of Moving" in my head.  It will probably be my next post.

ANWAYS..... here is the entire reason that I'm posting.  The house tour!  This will most likely be the cleanest it will ever be, so here we go.

*I'm not posting pictures of the outside of the house for a few reasons.  1.) It's not done.  We don't have  any grading, driveway, sod, and the stonework still needs touching up. 2.) I don't want any stalkers to be able to find me. <There...I said it.


Dining Room

Living Room

Sun Room

Upstairs Bathroom

Love this little detail tile

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

 Entry to Master


 Master Bath

Master Closet

 Stairs to Basement

Basement Bar

Basement Living

Workout Room

Basement Bath

Basement Bedroom

Basement Office

1/2 Bath (Back on Main Floor)



Love my pot filler

Door to Garage

That's all for now!  Please excuse the bad lighting and crummy iPhone pics.  I promise I'll slow my roll on the house posts.  I'm sure it's getting old. :)

Happy Friday!