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Friday, January 17, 2014

Mind Dump

So lately, I've been talking a ton about the new house and doing fun things like "My Favorite Things" posts, but I haven't really talked much about what is going on in my life.

I've seen people do "photo dumps" (where they just post all of their recent pics on their phones), so I'm going to do a "mind dump."


I suppose since it's the beginning of the year, I should talk about some resolutions.  The truth is, I've never really had much of a New Year's resolution that I've stuck with.  Last year, I didn't really pick up running until around February.

I'm in a little bit of a fitness rut.  I took a few weeks off of running after the marathon, and now I'm slowly trying to get back into it.  It's really cold and snowy outside, so treadmill it is.  It's crazy how fast you lose it, but I'm hoping my endurance comes back more quickly.

This week, I started back doing my weights class.  Umm... I was back to square one.  45 minutes into the class, my legs were shaking like leaves.  I had trouble holding up my coffee cup later in the day.  Getting my "guns" back is going to be harder than expected.

I signed up for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon a few days ago.  I'm not exactly sure why I did it, but I did.  I haven't figured out if I'm going to train hard, or just have fun with it.  Hopefully, I'll have my shiz together by the beginning of February.

Daily Life:

My weeks are starting to become a little more hectic with lots of driving back and forth to Peoria and preparing for the big move.  I keep thinking that I should start packing and organizing, but I find something "more important" to do instead.

I feel like I'm in a little bit of a life rut.  George has started his new job and is working VERY long days.  I don't get to see much of him, and it sucks.  I'm trying to find other ways to entertain myself, but the truth is, it's lonely.

The Move:

As our big move gets closer, it all starts to get a little more real.  When people ask me (daily, at least 3x/day) when I'm leaving, I answer, "Not until March."  Until just recently, that date seemed really far away, but now I'm counting it in weeks instead of months.  While I'm so excited to live in our new house, I'm also really scared. 

 I'm scared that:

 I wont be able to find a job, and when I do find one... will I like it?  Will I be able to still be able to be an ER nurse?

I'm going to lose touch with my Indianapolis friends.  I know that when you move away, you will naturally drift apart, but I'm hoping that my Indy friendships will withstand the distance.

I'm going to need my parents, and they wont be able to help me.  I'm so used to them just being a half hour away, and they are always dropping by the house to pick up Gracie and help me with silly little things.  I know that George's family lives there, but it will suck not having your dad to help you change your flat tire.

I'm not going to be happy.  I think that I'm pretty good at choosing to be happy and not wasting time being unhappy.  I'm just really hoping that everything works out, but I have to admit, I do worry.

Now, I didn't mean for this post to go off in a depressing direction, but I feel it's honest.  I'm the type of person who likes to know everything that is going to happen before it happens.  (Seriously, I'm always looking up the endings to movies before I watch them.)  2014 has a lot in store, but so much of it is unknown. 

The one thing I DO know is that I'll be blogging about it all. :)


  1. I totally feel you on missing your husband while he's working long hours - mine has been travelling for work a ton and it stinks!! But the bright side is that no one is there to quip about the shows I watch lol! Everything will work out - I mean it has to right?! Happy training for your mini marathon! and Happy Friday!

  2. Emily,

    I just started reading your blog within the past couple of months. Just wanted to let you know that you're not alone in the loneliness! My husband is a Fire Fighter / Paramedic and works 12 and 24-hour shifts. I hardly see him and I know how hard it is to stay upbeat and happy. I watch a lot of Friends to keep me laughing and to keep my mind off of him being away so much. Keep fighting through it and it'll get better, I promise.


  3. I know it is a lot of changes and a lot of unknowns which can be stressful and to deal with all the changes but I know you can do it! You are one tough chick and you can do anything!! When you are missing George just give Gracie more loving! Trust me she won't mind!

  4. The unknown is always so very scary praying for some peace for you :)

  5. Girl you sound like me. I worry way too much about the inevitable. I just try to stay positive and know this too shall pass if it doesn't go the way you wanted it to. Just think you're going to have a gorgeous new home to decorate!

  6. Hoping your fears are eased once you move and everything comes together!

  7. Good luck with the move! 2 years ago, I upped and moved across the state of Iowa to be with my husband and leave my family and friends. It was hard and I still wonder 'what if...', but I know it was the right decision - especially with a baby. Having my hubby's family near is so nice (free babysitting!!!) and we're able to have more couple time together than we would have if we had stayed in Omaha.


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