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Friday, January 31, 2014

Coming Up in February

HECK YES!  It's Friday, and I'm LOVING it.  I get to spend some quality time with George, and it's one more week of this frigid winter that's behind us.

*I ALWAYS feel guilty for wishing the days away, because life is short, and I try to be thankful for every moment.....but I have a hard time enjoying the moment when I have to worry about my dog getting her genitals stuck to ground while pottying ....when it's -15 out. -> End of rant

So anyways, George and I are planning on hitting up Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, and World Market to get some serious furniture planning done.  I can't wait! (This is what I consider quality time).

So since February is bound to be kind of crazy, I wanted to give you all a preview of what's to come on the blog.

Sadly, this is a super common phrase in the nursing world.  I'm hoping to shed some light on exactly why nurses "eat their young."

I'm Mexico bound here soon, and I'm DYING to get some sunshine in my life.  I'm really looking forward to parking my booty in a lounge chair with a drink in my hand.

Sick of house updates yet?  Doesn't matter... they're coming fast and furious.

My little blog is almost 100 posts old, and I'm hoping to share what I've learned about blogging during these past few months.

Finally, don't forget to join our Favorite Things linkup on Monday, February 3rd.  More info in my "Favorite Things" tab.

That's all for now!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Girl, Where You Been?

Hey all,

Wow, it has been a little over a week since I last posted.  I know... to the 3 people who read this, you're really upset.   Actually, I've been super boring lately.  With the frigid weather, I have little motivation to be productive and have been spending more time on the couch than I'd like to admit.  Besides sitting on my butt, here is what I've been up to:
*I kind of hate taking selfies, but that's what you're supposed to do when you're a blogger, right?
I have been having some pretty good workouts lately.  Apparently, about four weeks was what I needed to fully recover from my marathon.  One day last week, we had a "heat wave" of temps in the mid 30's.  I wasted no time getting out there and going for a run in the snow.  This was my first run ever in the snow, and my feet were slipping all over the place, but it was SO nice to be out there.  My feet were soaked, but I didn't care.  I was just lucky to not be on the treadmill.

When I absolutely have to workout indoors, I've been doing weights classes once a week and running on the treadmill, but playing with the incline.  It makes running in a stuffy gym mildly more tolerable.

We're making some serious progress on the house.  The cabinets have been installed, and flooring completed.  They should have the trim nearly done and the final paint colors on.  I believe that next week the granite will be installed, so that's super exciting!  I can't wait to see it in person.

We're currently in the middle of designing our master closet.  We're going to use dark wood, and hopefully it will look somewhat similar to this.  There isn't room for an island, but we are having a peninsula....and that means, doing my favorite thing ever....picking out more granite!

Seriously, I love granite.

That's all I have for today, but before I go, I want to remind you all that February 3rd is the date for Kylie and I's February Favorite Things Linkup.

I should also mention that the 3rd is my birthday, and nothing would make me happier than all of you linking up.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wishing on Wednesday

Hey all!  Whooo, time flies when you're working hard. I can't believe it's Wednesday already.  I haven't done a Wednesday Wish List with Annie and Morgan in a while, so I thought I'd share a few things I'm wishing for.

It warmed up to 37 yesterday, so I took full advantage and got outside for a run.  It was AWESOME!  My shoes were soaked with snow, but it was so nice to be out there and not stuck on a treadmill.  It was the first run I've had since the marathon where I actually felt good.  If the weather would just warm up to 40, I'd be ecstatic.  Go home Polar Vortex, you're drunk.

As long as I'm up to my butt in snow, I think I deserve some sweet snow boots. How cute are these? I love them with the socks peeking over the top.  You can buy these beauties here, but only if you wear a size 11. :(  Maybe next winter.

I'm in the middle of designing our master closet, and LOVING the idea of having an ironing board hidden in the drawer.  Do any of you have one of these?  Does it leave a weird crease in your stuff because of where the board folds up?  

The Limited has my FAVORITE jeans ever.  I've tried them all, Gap, True Religion, Seven, Target, and everything in between.  These jeans have so much stretch in them, and there are no awkward baggy areas where my butt should be (I have a real flat one).  They're on sale here. I love the lighter wash for spring.
*Side note: I know that the flare is coming back, but I'm just not ready to give up my skinnies.

Lastly, I wish for peace for the loved ones of those we recently lost.  Yesterday, there was a shooting at Purdue.  One person was killed, and I suppose you could say that they were "lucky" that the gunman turned around and walked out instead of continuing to shoot.  As a Purdue alumna, it is really eery to see your college on the news as a crime scene.  

Also, I wish Annie, the co-host of this linkup, peace as she said goodbye to a loved one this week. You're in my thoughts, Annie.


That's all for now, have a wonderful rest of the week!

Monday, January 20, 2014

The "Dancer" Story

Hey all!  First, I'd like to say thanks for all of the kind words you had about Friday's post.  You all are super sweet. I was able to spend the weekend with George, so I am in MUCH better spirits.

Alright, so I thought I'd start off the week with a little humor.  If anyone can poke fun at themselves, it's me.  So, here is a story of when I first started being a student nurse in May of 2008.

I had just started working as a tech in the ER, and I was greener than green.  (Now I have grown to become the inevitable: jaded.  Seriously, you can tell me how you "slipped" and "fell" on an object that ended up in your rectum, and I don't crack a smile.  I know a heroin addict from across the street.)  Anyways, I had VERY minimal experience with actual patients, and the hospital I was working at wasn't in the nicest area.  Actually, let's be was in the armpit of Indianapolis.  The patients were certainly interesting.  I'll just leave it at that.

I was FRESH off of orientation, and I was inserting a catheter into a young, female patient, about my age.  Now, I was kind of trying to make small talk to take her mind off of the experience.  (I now no longer make an effort to make small talk when performing procedures in the "nether regions").

The patient...God love her... looked like Amy Winehouse.  It is quite possible that she was just as stoned.

"So, are you in school?"-Me
"Oh, well what do you do?"-Me
"I'm a dancer."-Her
"OH MY GOD!  ME TOO!!!!!!"-Me

This is me...being a dancer....
She then gave me a weird look, rolled her eyes, and laid her head back down.

"I bet not" (under her breath)-Her
"Yes! I've been a dancer for years!  Where do you dance?"-Me
"**Names trashiest strip club in Indianapolis**....Where do YOU dance?"-Her

Now...she's laughing at me

"Indianapolis Ballet Theater"-Me

THANK GOD, by this point I was pretty much done.  I got all my trash together and bolted out of the room.  These are the things that they don't teach in nursing school.  Dancer = Stripper... always.

So there you have it... The "dancer" story.  My coworkers make me tell it at least monthly, and I get to relive the embarrassment all over.

Maybe next week I'll share the origins of the "Scabies Aint NASTY!"story.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Mind Dump

So lately, I've been talking a ton about the new house and doing fun things like "My Favorite Things" posts, but I haven't really talked much about what is going on in my life.

I've seen people do "photo dumps" (where they just post all of their recent pics on their phones), so I'm going to do a "mind dump."


I suppose since it's the beginning of the year, I should talk about some resolutions.  The truth is, I've never really had much of a New Year's resolution that I've stuck with.  Last year, I didn't really pick up running until around February.

I'm in a little bit of a fitness rut.  I took a few weeks off of running after the marathon, and now I'm slowly trying to get back into it.  It's really cold and snowy outside, so treadmill it is.  It's crazy how fast you lose it, but I'm hoping my endurance comes back more quickly.

This week, I started back doing my weights class.  Umm... I was back to square one.  45 minutes into the class, my legs were shaking like leaves.  I had trouble holding up my coffee cup later in the day.  Getting my "guns" back is going to be harder than expected.

I signed up for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon a few days ago.  I'm not exactly sure why I did it, but I did.  I haven't figured out if I'm going to train hard, or just have fun with it.  Hopefully, I'll have my shiz together by the beginning of February.

Daily Life:

My weeks are starting to become a little more hectic with lots of driving back and forth to Peoria and preparing for the big move.  I keep thinking that I should start packing and organizing, but I find something "more important" to do instead.

I feel like I'm in a little bit of a life rut.  George has started his new job and is working VERY long days.  I don't get to see much of him, and it sucks.  I'm trying to find other ways to entertain myself, but the truth is, it's lonely.

The Move:

As our big move gets closer, it all starts to get a little more real.  When people ask me (daily, at least 3x/day) when I'm leaving, I answer, "Not until March."  Until just recently, that date seemed really far away, but now I'm counting it in weeks instead of months.  While I'm so excited to live in our new house, I'm also really scared. 

 I'm scared that:

 I wont be able to find a job, and when I do find one... will I like it?  Will I be able to still be able to be an ER nurse?

I'm going to lose touch with my Indianapolis friends.  I know that when you move away, you will naturally drift apart, but I'm hoping that my Indy friendships will withstand the distance.

I'm going to need my parents, and they wont be able to help me.  I'm so used to them just being a half hour away, and they are always dropping by the house to pick up Gracie and help me with silly little things.  I know that George's family lives there, but it will suck not having your dad to help you change your flat tire.

I'm not going to be happy.  I think that I'm pretty good at choosing to be happy and not wasting time being unhappy.  I'm just really hoping that everything works out, but I have to admit, I do worry.

Now, I didn't mean for this post to go off in a depressing direction, but I feel it's honest.  I'm the type of person who likes to know everything that is going to happen before it happens.  (Seriously, I'm always looking up the endings to movies before I watch them.)  2014 has a lot in store, but so much of it is unknown. 

The one thing I DO know is that I'll be blogging about it all. :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

House Updates- Floors

Hey all!

So, this past weekend, I got to go to P-Town to see some of the house progress.  It's going crazy fast, and I feel like they're working on new stuff every day!  Most of the new stuff is flooring, so here's the latest.

They're starting to put the stone on!  Recently, it has been too cold for the mortar to set.  As it has warmed up, they've been able to make some progress.

They started laying the hardwood in the living room, sun room, and kitchen.  I chose a hand scraped, distressed kind.  I'm hoping it's going to not show little doggy claw scratches... we'll see.

This is the verrrrry beginning of the tile work in the entry.  They are doing a border of smaller 1x3 marble (Crema Marfil) pieces with large, square pieces (Diana Royale) in the center.

Shower wall tile (Carrara) and shower bottom tile (Calcutta Gold). 

Kind of a dark picture, but this is the master bath with tile that looks like hardwood.  Thank you Pinterest!

1/2 bath and laundry room tile

This is the upstairs hall bath.  There is kind of crappy lighting, but there is going to be a row of fun glass tile in the doorway.  I love it!

This is the floor in the basement bar.  Again, it's the tile that looks like hardwood, but goes more with the grey tones in the bar area.  Can't wait to see it next to the granite.

Accent tile around the basement fireplace.

Tile in the basement bathroom.

 That's all I have for today.  I promise I'll get back to blogging about other things besides our new house . :) Looking forward to cabinets and figuring out our closet design!