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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trader Joe's Favorites

Today, I'm going to share some of my Trader Joe's "must haves."  There are many reasons why I love with TJ's:
1.) It is actually cheaper than a normal grocery store most times, especially with produce.  
2.) They try to keep it simple and try to cut down the number of ingredients in their foods when they can.  
3.) Relaxing classical music is played throughout the store, free samples are served every day, and they hide a stuffed lemur (Lucy).  When kids find the lemur, they get a prize.  I know I'm not the only adult that gets excited when I find Lucy.

Sadly, Peoria does not have a TJ's, so I'm going to have to majorly stock up on Indianapolis visits.  

Here are just a few of my favorites:

Fresh Flowers: 

They're cheap and live a long time.  Having fresh flowers in the house always puts me in a good mood.

This __ Walks Into a Bar:

These are not only delicious cereal bars, but they come out with yummy seasonal flavors like pumpkin and cranberry.  G & I always go through them really quickly.

Pumpkin Waffles:

There is a really great pumpkin-y taste to them but not overwhelming.  I popped one of these in the toaster and put some TJ's chunky applesauce (another favorite) on it.  So. Freaking. Good.

Crushed Garlic:

My all-time favorite time saver.  George and I are total garlic fiends, but I dread mincing garlic.  Whenever a recipe calls for garlic, I use this ultra potent crushed garlic instead.  It has conversions for cloves to teaspoons.  Go get you some of this!

Cilantro Salad Dressing:

This dressing is suitable for a ranch addict that is trying to cut down on the calories.  It has such a nice, strong cilantro flavor.  I eat it on kale salad and turkey wrapped in a chia seed tortilla (another favorite).

Crunchy Cookie Butter:

Like peanut butter, but cookie.  You MUST try this.  It will change your life.  I eat it on apples.  They used to limit each customer to two jars because of its cult following.

Reduced Guilt Mac & Cheese:

It is nice to have this in the freezer as a backup for when you just want to eat something bad.  It comes in a single serve portion, so you can't eat too much.  It's also "reduced guilt," so you want feel like a blubbery monster after pigging out on this cheesy goodness.

What are your Trader Joe's favorites?


  1. Love TJ's! It's great for gifts too...I was planning a post on my cookie butter story this week (have to wait until the recipient of the gift actually receives it as not to ruin the surprise). We must be on the same blog wavelength! :)

  2. I love TJs and love the flowers they have. I have heard about that cookie butter before so I have to try it. The employees are always friendly too!

  3. I don't go in there often but they have really great protein bars. The cookie butter is a must!

  4. I have never been to or heard of Trader Joe's! I wish they had one of those around my house! Those cereal bars and that mac n cheese look delicious!

  5. That salad dressing sounds SO good! I love anything with cilantro so I need to run to the nearest Trader Joe's and buy it!

  6. I have that garlic in my refrigerator! I wish the TJ's was closer to my house.Those cereal bars look so good!

  7. We don't have Trader Joes near us, which really sucks because I've only ever heard awesome things about them!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    Last day for my giveaway!

  8. I would be so sad if I didn't have a TJ's close by....we also love the flowers and the garlic. I've heard awesome things about the cookie butter but I'm afraid I won't be able to stop if I try it :)

  9. We have a TJ one block from our apt :) I love their frozen fried rice - and they have great pre-seasoned chicken and fish! As for some other frozen items…the turkey meatballs are a staple and they have a really great frozen risotto as well as a great mushroom risotto. Love all your picks girl - especially the Mac and Cheese!!

  10. I love that mac n cheese and now I must try those pumpkin wallfles!
    I'm a big fan of their cheese section, wine (lol they have great prices on liquor too), and their frozen flatbreads
    x atelier zozo

  11. i swear, trader joes needs to get their shit together and COME TO CANADA ALREADY. target and saks are coming, WHY NOT TJs????

    Vodka and Soda

  12. How have I never picked up that crushed garlic?! I need that. And cookie just about the best thing ever created.

  13. I need to find myself a Trader Joe's stat!

    COOKIE BUTTER! Yes please! I would like some of that right now.

    I also love anything pumpkin so I would really like to get my hands on those waffles!

    Thanks for sharing these treats!


  14. Love this blog! I forgot This_walks into a bar on my list but here are a few of my favorites!


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