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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Forgotten Race and An Unexpected PR

Hey all,

This past weekend I did the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon. That's a mouthful.  This is a race that I had signed up for in September when working out my marathon training schedule.  I thought that I could treat it as an easier training run to break up my super long runs.
Well.... I forgot about it.  I honestly forgot that I had signed up for it, and it totally snuck up on me.  The weekend before, I was looking at my schedule and saw that I had a race coming up.  Now, after my previous half marathon, I was not ready for another one.

I went to work that Friday, picked up my packet after work, and downed some takeout spaghetti and meatballs.  I wasn't making this race into that big of a deal.  "Just a training run," I kept telling myself.  The next morning, I woke up and wasn't nervous.  George dropped me off at the start... still wasn't nervous.  What was going on?  Me, the champion worrier, was cool as a cucumber.

The weather was great, around 39 degrees with little wind.  The course was flat, and I was very familiar with where we were going.  I was happy to get started and started running with my aunt.  We kept telling each other to go easy and have fun. There was so much music and crowd support, so the miles went by really quickly.

I can't believe I'm posting this.  Taking terrible pictures should be listed under "special skills" on my resume.
At around mile 7, I got passed by a guy juggling.  His whole "thing" is that he was going to run the entire half marathon while juggling three balls.  That may have made a tiny dent on my ego.  At that point, I had eaten my applesauce and I was feeling good.  I was ready to kick it up a little bit at eight miles.  It wasn't until about ten that I realized I had a chance to PR.

This was the first half that I've done where I didn't stop to walk at all!  I think it is because I did a better job pacing myself for the first portion.  As I turned the corner to sprint to the finish, I saw that I actually did PR!  I ended up doing 2:11:01.

Now, before you get too congratulatory, it's only a PR of 1 minute and 11 seconds, but a PR nonetheless.  One of the best parts was seeing all of my ER nurse friends at the finish line that were working the medical tent.  I was so relaxed for the entire race, which made it so much fun to run.  I didn't listen to any music and didn't miss it.  There was too much other stuff going on.

Why yes, I do enjoy dressing like a cat burglar for races
If you ever have the chance to do this race, I would tell you to jump at it.  The course is SO flat, and the weather this year was perfect.  The course support was awesome, and everything was done flawlessly.

Next up, the first of two 20 milers this weekend.  Wish me and my tired haunches luck.  This has potential to get ugly.


  1. what are you talking about "only 1 minute and 11 seconds"??????????? -- That's a lot! .. great job!!!

  2. Nice job!! I loved this race too, and sounds like I might have been able to keep up with you guys! That pic from above is cute, I don't see any barn animals :)

  3. That's awesome for the fact that you were able to just go out and run this and that you PRed!!! I am planning on running my first 1/2 marathon in the Spring and I am so nervous. I just started running at the end of September and have never run a race (not even a 5K) but a running lifestyle is something I really want!!! Happy to add you to my list of blogger friends that are runners that I can look to for support!!!

  4. It is so much better going into a race thinking it is just another run. Congrats on the PR!!

  5. YAY!!! That is a lot of time!! I was proud when I PR'd by a few seconds :) I would love to do this race. I had a friend there this past weekend too. A flat race sounds wonderful to me right now!!!

  6. I love that you posted your splits- I feel like that is similar to mine. Hopefully I can PR at my half in 2 weeks!

  7. Awesome that it snuck up on you, and great that there was no pressure. :) sounds like a great course! What app do you use that is showing your miles? Great PR, its a PR! That's what matters!

  8. Look at those negative splits! Way to go!! Great PR. A PR is a PR that's all that matters!!

  9. Way to go on an amazing race and a PR!!! I love runs like that where everything comes together and you have a great run.
    I hope you enjoyed the rest of your afternoon and relaxed. :)

    Good luck with the 20 milers. I know you will crush them! :)


  10. Congrats! I LOVE this race too. Of course it's my marathon PR, so what's NOT to love about that!

  11. Heck yeah!! That's awesome!! Good job on the PR!

  12. Dude, a minute PR is awesome! I would have taken 10 seconds on my last half. Nice work! Oh to run a flat course...


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