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Monday, November 18, 2013

Running Update: Not really "Piling on the Miles"

Hey all!  It's Monday, but I'm off work, so it's really just another day.

In early November, I "signed up" for Monica from Run Eat Repeat's "Pile on the Miles" challenge.  I was thinking that it would be perfect to keep me accountable for my mid week runs.  I pledged to run 120 miles in November, roughly 30 miles a week.  Now... this is the minimum that I'd like to be doing for the month prior to my marathon.  I should be doing more...

...But I'm not feeling it. The weather is getting colder and windier, it's getting dark earlier, and I'm not finding the energy.

Two weekends ago, I had an amazing 20 mile run.  It was daunting, but Lana, Joanie, and I did it!

After our run, we went to Cracker Barrel and had the most amazing breakfast.  I then went home, and passed out on the couch until it was time to get ready to go out to dinner.  I had steak, mashed potatoes and red wine (I don't drink anymore...long explanation).  Considering that I drink pretty rarely these days, I had a killer hangover on Sunday... from two glasses of wine. <- loser

The rest of the week, I had a really hard time getting my runs in.  I ran 11.6 miles for the week, which is ok after coming off a 20 miler, but all of them sucked pretty hard.  I blame the cold winds.

This last weekend, I set out to do 15 miles.  Around mile 9, I noticed a nagging pain in my right achilles.  I guess it was changing the way I ran because my right knee and hip started to cuss at me ache too.  My group decided to call it a day at 12 miles.  I have a really, I mean REALLY hard time cutting a run short.  The whole drive home I was telling myself to get back out in my neighborhood and finish up the last three.  This is my crazy talking.

I've come to grips with the fact that I'm not going to meet my Pile on the Miles challenge, and I'm ok with that.  I'm going to take these 25 days before the marathon and enjoy my runs.  My goal was not to run 120 miles in November, it was to finish this marathon without getting kicked off the course.  

Anyways, I'm excited for my runs coming up, and I'm excited for my second 20 miler.  I can't believe this beast is less than one month away!


  1. It really stinks when you just feel off during a run but when pain sets in it is better to stop and let it heal. Better to be able to run another day then to injury yourself and be out for a longer period of time. Hope the next run feels better.

  2. I totally get it, mentally I'm always doubting and telling myself to further harder faster etc. but it is OK if you don't. It's not like you aren't gonna finish the race because you aren't feeling your runs right now! You are gonna dominate that mamrathon! It's gonna be awesome. Hang in there. I know how messed up your mind can make you feel about stuff, :( I'm sorry. Hang in there!!

  3. I'm very much a beginner runner, as in I can't run more than a couple of miles without having to walk, but reading this was a good reminder that sometimes we don't have good runs and that's ok. I really wanted November to be a good month but the weather has been more draining than inspiring!

  4. You are so inspiring! 20 miles?! That's so awesome! :) I'm trying to just get myself out a couple of nights a week for short runs (total beginnger ;) - it's hard now that it gets dark so early and its so cold!

    xx em

  5. gosh, I am not training for a Marathon but I feel the same way!!! this weather is the WORST and I am so unmotivated by the darkness. I can get myself on the treadmill a few times a week but not for very far/long so I am taking my mileage down too. I keep telling myself that it will be warm and light out late again... one day :) Its hard to listen to your body. Both mentally and physically. Stay positive. You will rock that Marathon!!!!

  6. I am really nervous about how things will change when the weather gets even colder! I have started to love running, and I'm worried that I will be stuck on the treadmill for months! And then end up hating running outside when it's spring again!

  7. Sounds like a good plan. It's more important not to get injured before your big day. I feel like your training is going so fast! haha. You probably don't :)

  8. Well, you're still doing A LOT more running than most - be proud of that...and a 20-miler, wow! I am 15 weeks pregnant and looking to get into training for a half marathon when I'm done.

  9. I completely understand how the weather makes it rough to get out there. Going with a buddy always helped keep me accountable. Rough weeks are going to happen, you are going to rock this girl!

  10. I also signed up for Pile On The Miles but with the ankle injury I'm not even CLOSE to my goal :(


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