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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pottery Barn Wish List

Hey all! Last weekend, George and I went to Peoria.  We were able to see the new house!  The last time we had seen it in person, it was just an empty lot.  Seeing the actual framework coming together was really exciting!

View from the back.  Walkout basement, living room and sunroom on the main floor, and starting to see the 2nd floor bedrooms.

So, as we're getting to closer to living in this house, I've been thinking more and more about what we're going to put in it.  George and I are thinking we'll make do with what we have for a bit, buy some essentials in the first few months, and slowly fill up the rest of the house.

Right now, I'm just trying to get a general idea of what I want, color scheme, etc.  My "go to" for furniture will always be Pottery Barn.  I'm IN LOVE with pretty much everything they sell.  It's my style, pretty affordable, and livable.  I don't want my house looking like a museum with nothing touched or lived in.

Luckily, G and I have some major gift cards to use.  Pottery barn also gives you 10% back in store credit for whatever you put on their credit card.  So, you're saving 10% on everything (assuming you pay it off immediately).  Everything pictured below is from Pottery Barn, but I'm also going to try to find similar styles of accessories from places like Target and Home Goods.

I'm linking up with Annie and Morgan and sharing my Wednesday Wishlist.

Here are some design ideas that I have come up with:

We are doing white cabinets with a few glass fronts.  Our granite is tan with some brown and cream "movement." <A term that I just learned   I'm thinking that using dark barstools and dark table and chairs for the breakfast nook will be ok, because the rest is so bright.  I'm hoping to do some oiled bronze pendants and use some green accents.  I'd like to tie some red in without making it look too Christmas-y.

For the main floor living room, I'm hoping to use a mixture of cool grays and blues with warm brown leather.  I can't decide between doing a leather sofa or a leather chair.  Either way, I want some of that cozy brown leather, with that fluffy rug and throw.  Since this furniture is on the main level, it needs to be durable, but stylish as well.  We currently have a Pottery Barn couch and couldn't be more happy.  

So there you have it, my Wednesday Wishlist.


Also, don't forget to join Kylie and I's Favorite Things linkup on Friday!  More info here.

What do you think?  What are you wishing for this Wednesday?


  1. Can't wait to see if all finished!! I'm sure it will be beautiful :)

  2. Hey Emily!!! Thanks for linking up with us! Love the leather arm chair in the living room! See you next week!

  3. How exciting that you got to see the framing! Love that pedestal round kitchen table! That gray tufted oversize chair is to die for, so comfy looking!

  4. Love all your house inspiration, plus all that construction thats been done, wow!! I know just how exciting it is to start shopping for the new house. I love everything you picked out and the neutral color palettes! It looks great. Thanks for linking up and I can't wait to see more updates on the house!

  5. Oh goodness! I can't wait to see everything all finished!! I love watching the progress of a house from the very beginning! You must update us frequently!! I love the furniture choices. Reminds me of mine and my husband's style!

  6. I love pottery barn too! We are working on decorating our house, and pottery barn is one of my first stops for furniture, every time! Thanks for the inspiration. xo

  7. It's coming along! Congratulations! It's going to be so fun to decorate!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. I love the living room colors you're going with. All the time I wish I had gotten grey couches vs the brown and beige ones we have. Grey is such a great neutral and you can switch up the color scheme often. I love the fluffy rug too! I have a round jute rug under my breakfast nook table. If you do go with it you'll be very happy! How do you make all your collages? Do you use polyvore?

  9. I work for Pottery Barn. You should know that stores across the United States are having Customer Appreciation this Saturday. Contact your local store for their time. You will receive 15% off your total purchase on anything they can ring through the cash register at their store -- that includes ship to store furniture (and that includes some of your items above). In addition, you will receive DOUBLE rewards from now until end of November on your pottery barn card. I love your beautiful choices above. Our stores will explode with Christmas this weekend.


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