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Monday, October 21, 2013

Iron Horse Half Marathon Race Recap

Well hellloooo there.  I've been pretty busy these past two weekends. Two weekends ago, George, my parents, my aunt and I went to Midway, Kentucky to run in the Iron Horse Half marathon.  General impression = meh.

Let me start off my saying that I was pooped.  The weekend before, I did 16 HARD miles in humidity and rain.  That was my 2nd 16 miler, and it was rough.  So when the time came to do Iron Horse, I just wasn't really feelin' it.

We drove down to Lexington on Saturday around lunch time, picked up our packets, had pasta for dinner, and went to bed early.  The next morning, we all got up and drove to the start of the race.  There were maybe 10 porta-potties for 1,500 people.  It was beyond ridiculous how long the lines were.  My aunt was still in line when the gun went off.

Before the race, before George's heel blew up like a ballon
So, as my dad and I were in the starting corrals, I thought to myself, "I don't want to do this."  I don't know why, this was the original half that I had started training for.  The "scary, unobtainable goal" as I had once thought.  The gun went off, and we started running.

This was a figure eight course, (which I've found out that I really don't like) that went through some pretty Kentucky countryside.  Most of what we ran past were horse farms.  In the first few miles, we saw some BEAUTIFUL scenery.  There was a big group of horses running back and forth in their pasture alongside of the runners.  It totally looked like they were showing off.

This was definitely the high point of the race.  The rest of the race was more empty fields, pretty autumn trees, and the scent of horse poo in the air.  It was described as "rolling."  You were never running on flat ground, you were always trudging up a hill or running down one.  Not really my cup of tea, but then again, I'm a wuss.

I started sucking pretty badly at mile 10.  I was sick of running up hills, and it was hot.  I stopped to walk, and then stopped to walk again, and then again, and then again.  These were probably 20 second walk breaks, but they felt like an eternity.  I went into this race telling myself that I wasn't going to race it, and I was going to just run it as a FUN training run.

The fun part didn't exactly happen.  I was mad that I wasn't going to have a "good" finishing time, and I felt tired.

It ended up that no one really had a good race.  My aunt and dad weren't happy with their times, and my already injured husband became really injured.

I made George take 5 pictures, all with the sun in his eyes. What a patient husband I have.
I ended up finishing in 2:19:13.  I was PO'd with my time, 7 minutes slower than my last half.  But... here is where I start making excuses: I was tired, and the course was very hilly.

George finished in 1:41.  He was on track to break 1:30 at the half way point, then his heel started eating the back of his foot became really painful and swollen.  He shouldn't have run that race, but oh well, lesson learned.

ANYWAYS, that was my Iron Horse experience.  So now you know.

Did any of you rock a race this past weekend?


  1. Congrats on finishing, though! You have another one added to the books! :)
    There is seriously nothing worse than when you just aren't feeling it before a race. It's like there is absolutely nothing you can do to get over it, which sucks because it plays such a huge part!

  2. Good job! That's the worst part of running on those days when you just aren't feelling it. So awesome that you did it anyways!

  3. Ouch sounds like a rough race but you did finish so there is that! The scenery of the horses is amazing! Hope George heals up soon!

  4. You are better than me...I can't seem to make myself run more than five miles. And I only did that ONCE! Congrats on your finish!

    1. Thanks, Monica!
      I was there not too long ago. For my first 6 mile run I was ready to jump into the canal we were running by and call it quits. Maybe get a running buddy?

  5. Oye I'm sorry it wasn't a great race. The scenery, course, and spectators are a make or break for me! Congrats on powering through lady! Finishing is an accomplishment in and of itself!

  6. As you know, I didn't rock my race, but I did okay :) Sorry yours wasn't the best. Isn't it SO annoying how you can have an awesome run and then a bad run? It's hard to tell what's going to happen! But it's another medal in any case :) You and your loooong legs did great!

  7. Sorry it was not a great race. Way to keep going and finish! I have not been running in a few months due to injury but am getting the itch to run again badly!

  8. Yikes! Congrats on finishing it but sorry it wasn't a great race!

  9. I'm sorry it wasn't a great race. I wondered what rolling course meant, too - so glad I didn't sign up for a particular race now! Does your hubby plan on doing a full now, or is he taking time off to heal?

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