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Monday, September 23, 2013

Run for the Fund Race Recap

Hey everyone!  Happy Monday!

This past Saturday, I did the Run for the Fund 10 Miler.  George did the 10 miler, and my parents did the 5k.  It was a GORGEOUS day, and we all had a great time.

Wore my new running top mentioned here and I LOVED it!
The course was pretty amazing.  It lead you through an older, downtown area of Noblesville and then out into the country, through a park covered bridge, finishing at the high school.  It wasn't a down and back or figure eight course, so every part of the course was new.  

I treated this race as an experiment.  I had never "raced" this long of a distance before, so I really wanted to concentrate on pacing myself.  I went out at a pretty slow pace and was honestly one of the last ones in the pack.  This is where I almost started to panic a little.  I was thinking, "Oh God, I'm one of the last ones, everyone else in this race is so fast, I'm going to finish last."  I kept with my plan of starting out slow and increasing my pace every mile or so.

Around 4 miles, I started to pass a lot of people that had stopped to walk or slow their pace to a jog.  This is where I got excited.  My plan had paid off!  I still felt like I had a ton of gas in the tank.

I walked through every water stop, just walking long enough to actually drink my water and not throw it in my face hoping some would make my mouth.  At five miles, I ate my half packet of applesauce. 

Gracie thought I had a treat for her
I think I've found my new mid run food! It is resealable, and easy to stow in your flip belt.  I think it's much tastier than Gu and far less of a choking hazard than something gummy.  I'm going to try it again for the half this weekend.  So happy I found something to eat during my marathon!

Anyways, after I hit the 6 mile mark, I took off like a bat out of hell.  I was running through the woods, there was no one else around me, and I was kind of having a Pocahontas moment.  Woot woot!  I felt awesome!  Kept around an 8:40 pace!  I was thinking, "You're killing it, Em! Finish strong!"

Then I crapped out, hard.  I had two miles left ,and I was woofed.  I walked through my water stops and  stopped a few more times for 20-30 second walk breaks. Definite lesson learned there: Don't go balls out with 4 miles left.

My goal was to finish under 1:45.  I finished just a hair over 1:40.  If I would have sucked it up and really pushed myself for the last two miles, I would have been under 1:40.  I did meet my goal though, so I'm happy.

If you would have told me 6 months ago that I would run 10 miles
 under a 10 min pace, I would have told you that you were drunk.

So, here is the point where I brag about my husband.  George finished in 65 minutes and some change. That is a 6:33 min/mile pace.  He's so speedy and still so humble.  I freak out when I hear how fast he ran, and he calmly says that he is pleased and leaves it at that.

My parents did the 5k.  My dad ran it and shaved a few minutes off his last 5k race time!  My mom walked it as well.  She has a bum lung and still gets out there and does it.  I'm very proud of the old folks. :)

George got 3rd in his age group, and my dad and I got second in ours.  Don't be happy for me, there were only two people in my age group. Ha!  We were the two youngest people doing the 10 miles.  The other girl ran around an 8:00 pace. I'll get her next year? <doubt it

Next weekend, I'm doing the Fort4Fitness half marathon, and George is doing the 10k.  I'm excited, but nervous as well.  I'm going to take it easy this week and just run a few times under 5 miles.

Coffee & macarons

Did any of you have a race?  Coming up on any races?


  1. Sounded like a great course!! Loved the Disney moment :) I would have burst out in song!! Are you pumped for the Fort4Fitness???? It's gonna be awesome! And I'm sure you'll kill it!

  2. I love the applesauce packets but have never thought about using them for running fuel, what a great idea! It is so nice that the whole family gets out and participates with you! What great motivation. Awesome pace despite the burn out. All this is going to help with your marathon :)

  3. I'm doing my first race on October 26...just a 5k. My goal is just to run the entire thing, which will be a big accomplishment to me! Congrats on meeting your goal in your race!!

  4. Awesome job! You had great pace, lady! I love the idea of those applesauce packets. I've never thought of those before, but I'm going to have to try them. Also, WOAH. George is freaking fast. That's some sort of speedy right there.

  5. Good job girl!! So excited to read about your up coming half marathon!

  6. Ya I walk through the water stops...for some reason running with the water is not a good mix for me. Rarely can I run after chugging water! As for the applesauce, that is a great idea! Sometimes Gu is just not a good idea if I have a finicky tummy or the run isn't the full 13.1 (like a 10 miler) and I need a boost that isn't so...intense.

  7. Woot Woot!! Look at you go! That is an awesome time!! That applesauce sounds much better than the bites!

  8. Congrats on the time!!
    This summer I did my first 10 miler so I can totally relate to the "woofing" out part (which by the way, really made me laugh).


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