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Friday, September 13, 2013

Help Me!

Hello everyone!  It's finally Friday, and I'm ready for the weekend!

I'm, once again, linking up with 5 on Friday to ask you five questions about what the heck I should do with our new house.  As the planning is coming to end and the actual construction begins, I have a few more decisions.  I need your help!  So please let me know your two cents about the five below!

Front Loaders:

I've read some slightly negative things about front loading washers.  Mold buildup, leaking, etc.  I know they sell some top loading ones that have the same washing capacity, but I don't know if they have all of the bells and whistles of a front loader.

 What do you have?  Do you like it?  Would you repurchase?

Pedestal Sink:

I love the look of a pedestal sink in the main floor half bath, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to sacrifice the storage by not having a cabinet.  I suppose once kids are around, you shouldn't have cleaning supplies and stuff near the ground anyways, but I put extra soap and stuff in our guest bath.

Do you like your pedestal sink?  Do you miss the storage for toilet paper and cleaning supplies?


I love the look of these lights for the kitchen, but George brought up a good point.  There could be a problem with dust collecting in the bottom, and I definitely don't have the time or patience to clean those things out frequently.

What do you think?


George and I have gotten most of our furniture from Pottery Barn, but I'm looking to branch out a little.  

Has anyone tried Overstock?  What are your favorite places to buy furniture?

Marble vs. Granite:

We're definitely going with granite for the kitchen, but we were thinking of a lighter marble for the bath.  I know that marble is more porous than granite, but I didn't know if it was a pain.  There is granite that looks like marble, but I'm trying not to limit my choices.

What are your opinions on marble vs. granite for the bathroom?

That is all I have for now, thank you so much in advance for any advice you provide! I'm really excited to share the progress!


  1. I only feel qualified to speak on one of the five-#2 :-). I was worried about the lack of storage in our main floor bath as well but it has not been an issue. I keep a cute basket on the floor with extra tp and hand towels and that's it. Cleaning supplies are kept in the mushroom/laundry room cabinets and extra soap,etc in my hallway linen closet.

    Not much for advice but maybe it'll help a little! Good luck!

    1. Our previous house had a pedestal sink. Loved it.
      Same solution: basket.

  2. Personal preference on the bathroom! I love the look of both styles of sinks but I CANNOT live without the storage. Good question is there a linen closet outside the bathroom or in, near by? That would be a good alternative. :) decisions are soooooooo difficult! I love the lights! But yeah unless the Greek is gonna clean them.... Maybe not. Having strong well lite lights is soooooimportant to me, I hate a dark kitchen. :) as for wash and dryers I've never owned a front loader. This is gonna sound super lazy..... But no I will not bend over to load it. I love to DUMP my laundry in. I never used a front loader at the laundry mat. We have a used washer and dryer, though so grain of salt :) gooooooood luck! I hate making decisions! :)

  3. It's got to be so fun with all the final details!

    We just bought front loaders this year and I definitely love them! I do clean out the washer door rubber seal part often because of the mold factor. On ours there is also a self cleaning option and there is a little filter thing at the bottom that collects hair pins, hair, or anything else that runs through the wash that shouldn't go out the hose! The only thing I want to change about having front loaders is that it would be nice if they were on stools or whatever it's called that you can buy for them. It just would make it so much easier to get laundry in and out of them. :)

    I personally love the look of a pedestal sink as well! One of our bathrooms has one and we put a cabinet up above the toilet for supplies. Gotta have storage :)

    I think George is right about the dust collecting in those lights... ain't nobody got time for that! ;)

    I've never purchased or looked at furniture or marble/granite, so I'm no help there! :)

  4. We have a pedestal sink in our half bath and I love it. That's the bathroom everyone sees when they come to your house so I think I think it always needs to be clean and neat. Since it is just a half bath I don't really have anything to store in it. That's what the other 2 bathrooms are for! And about the granite vs marble, we have granite in our kitchen and our 2 bathrooms upstairs and I love it. It's so easy to clean, I bought this 401 cleaner for stone and it's great. You do have to clean up water spills pretty quick because it is porous but honestly I haven't noticed any residual water in the granite anyways. So my votes for granite!

  5. My dad is a plumber and he HATES pedestal sinks. If you are putting it in a half bath he is more ok with it because you really don't need the storage. But if you are going to put it in a full bathroom, say for the kids or something, then he recommend you don't do it. I love the look of a pedestal, I think it's classy. I love those lights for the kitchen. I almost think I would sacrifice the time to clean them. As far as front loaders v top loaders. I want a front loader but I have heard you really have to do your research. My parents love theirs. You have to watch the top loaders, the new ones don't have that middle agitator anymore. Happy deciding. I hope my helped a little bit.

  6. Good grief, woman. "Got most of our furniture from Pottery Barn" is a phrase I will never be able to use as long as I live unless a rich relative dies and leaves me all his money. So... can I come over? Because that's as close as I'll ever get to a PB coach ;)

  7. We have a pedestal sink and although it looks great, I hate not having any storage underneath, or any room to sent anything on the sink. The way our bathroom is, I don't know that a vanity would work. Good luck in your decision!

  8. My mom has had more than one piece of furniture made by Amish furniture groups, and it is seriously unbelievable stuff. The quality is unbeatable, and it's pretty much 100% customizable (stain, hardware, quiet-closing drawers in desks, weird shaped cutouts for cords, etc.). Interestingly enough it's not even that expensive--Ryan and I are having a custom sideboard/buffet built for our house and it's going to be less than $1000, which is really reasonable for something that well built. I know that some groups actually have stores (run by non-Amish) to show off some of their standard pieces. There's one in Castleton, but I'm sure you could find one near your new home too :)

  9. I had front load washer and dryer and loved it at first, but if you want to throw something in after the wash has already started, you can't just open the lid and toss it in. You have to push the cancel button (don't know if they all have that) and restart the process.

  10. I have a pedestal in my half bath and I am switching it out for storage. The dust thing would bother me too, though I love the circular light. For furniture I have used Bob's Furniture with great success and also Macy's Furniture. Good Luck! Decisions, decisions!

    1. I also got my Dining room table from JC Penney Furniture. They delivered too.

  11. Anthropologie for furniture - very my style but you may find something you really like. Eclectic statement pieces and such.

  12. I think a pedestal sink in a half bath is fine but would want a sink with storage in a full bath. And I love the lights - I bet the dust won't be too big of an issue. Let us know what you decide!

  13. I don't have a house personally but my mother just redid her house so my comments are coming from what I know she likes! The front loaders are the way to go! She thinks it gets the clothes WAY cleaner, and the light fixtures she has in her entry way and she loves them! You can't really tell about the dust, I think she sticks a swifter in there like once a month and that it! Love the look of that living room!

  14. Pedestal Sink - we have one in our downstairs powder room. It was there when we moved in. Luckily I like the style of it and I think it gives the bathroom a really clean, simple look (that I love), but I do miss the vanity. We have them in every other bathroom and I would love one in the powder room too because (1) its a fairly large bathroom (not one of those closet powder rooms) and since it is the bathroom that most of our guests use and the only one on the main level I'd like the storage for toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and extra towels so I don't have to run upstairs or downstairs each time I need an item.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  15. We bought our landlords frontloader off of him because it required removing the door to get it out. It was only two years old and it broke 4 months into us having it. They are ridiculously expensive to fix. They definitely get SUPER stinky. At first I thought it was just the water, but when the repair man came to give us a quote, he said most of them smell like that, and he has to repair frontloaders often. We ended up getting a maytag super capacity washer, and it works great. I have no problem shoving tons into it, and no stinky smell :)

  16. My sister just got new lights as mentioned in three and I love them! They were super dusty at first, but I don't think she's had much trouble with them. But she is OCD/clean freak! I love a pedestal sink! We like Ballard Design- have gotten lots of pieces there!

  17. Well, I grew up with front loaders and love them. If you want toppest of the line, try to find MIELE, but they aren't that common in the US I think. I had a front loader from LG in my condo in the US and it worked fine - never had an issue.

    On peastal sinks...only for the guest room for me. Otherwise I need the storage.

    Agree with your husband on the dust issue.

    I have used overstock a couple of times, but never for real investment pieces....I like to sit and try, but the reviews on overstock always seem rather good....tough one.

    I don't like marble, but that's just me.

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