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Friday, September 20, 2013

Cool Running, Swinging Violations, & My Brave Bestie: 5 on Friday

Good morning everyone! It's becoming an every Friday tradition to do the 5 on Friday linkup.  Normally, I try to have somewhat of a theme to these, but today's are completely random.

1.) Cooler Weather, Better Runs

Sweaty Selfie
On Tuesday, George and I went to one of our usual running spots.  About 15 minutes away from us, there is a nice paved trail with minimal biker traffic.  From where we park, you can do five miles down and back.  George did the five, I chose to do four.  We have a ten mile race this weekend, and I'm trying to take it easy.

The cooler weather was amazing, and I felt like I was going kind of fast.  At the two mile mark, I looked down at my phone and thought that there was no way I was going that fast.  I never run that fast!

After I turned around, I thought, "You probably went out too fast and will crap out later."  But, I didn't!  I actually finished 45 seconds per mile faster than my best four mile time.  So, heck yes for the cooler temps!

2.) Lieutenant Aly

Read more about this picture here.
I ran across this picture on Pinterest, and I had to share it with you guys.  Besides the tattoo giving so much meaning to the picture, I can't help but notice the medic in the back.  One of my dearest friends, Aly, just left for trauma training in Miami.  I was her preceptor in the ER, so we have become close friends.

Aly is about to do her second tour in Afghanistan and leaves in November.  Seeing this picture and imagining her in that situation makes me so proud, but also makes the dangers of her job very real. I can't help but worry. Stay tuned for a post about Aly in November.

3.) Wrecking Ball


Changing gears, I saw this news story, and I can't stop laughing about it. For those of you that haven't seen Miley Cyrus's new music video, she is swinging around on a wrecking ball...nude.

At Grand Valley State University, they have a statue of a wrecking ball that had to be taken down due to college students, also swinging on it... nude... as they spoof the music video.

Read the news story here.

4.) Water Stops

Purchase this here.
This could not be more true.  On my runs 10 miles and over, I pretty much only focus on the shorter, current goal.  Most of the water stops are around 2-3 miles apart.  When I think "Nine down seven to go," it's easy to get overwhelmed.  Thinking "Just 2 more miles until water," makes it much more tolerable... I think. Hahaha

My blog post "Holy Sh*t, I'm Doing a Marathon" is actually being repinned on Pinterest!  Kind of exciting.  (Here is the link to the actual pin.)  I'm hoping to do more posting about my actual training week by week starting on Monday.

5.) Cold Weather Running Gear

Gracie Photobomb
The weather is cooling off in the midwest, and my early morning runs are getting chilly.  I had to wear a hat and gloves on my last long run, and I came to a realization.  I have NO cold weather running stuff.

The next day, George and I went to Costco, and I found some great stuff!  I picked up some warm gloves that have grippers on the underside, so you don't drop your phone.  The fingers also allow you to work your touchscreen phone.

I also got up a long sleeve running top.  There are holes for the thumbs, and it seems like it will be perfect for wicking away sweat.  It's so comfy, I'm trying to resist the urge to just wear it around the house.

So, that is all I have for now!

What cold weather running gear can you not live without?


  1. Hanna Montana hilarious!!! Coincidentally, I am an ER nurse too, Monday I would be headed back from maternity leave, but I am going to be a stay at home mom. I will live vicariously through you for the next year or so. Haha

  2. Nice job cutting your time! That's a great pace! When I ran last winter, I bought some running pants that have a warmer lining. (I don't remember the brand, but bought them at a local running store.) They were a bit pricey, but worth it! They kept my legs warmer in the really cold temps (20's, 30's, etc...) I think they're called thermal tights.

  3. I have a couple of thin but very warm winter headbands that go around my ears from Under Armour that I wear all winter, and I also have cold-weather running "tights" from Old Navy & Under Armour that I adore. I find that it's more about having all my skin covered and protected from wind / cold than thickness of layers - my body heats itself up, but I have to keep my skin from being exposed!

  4. New follower from Five on Friday because I definitely need running inspiration! I wanted to do my first half in January, but now that I'm 6 weeks pregnant, I have to slow down on that idea...but it will still be a goal for after baby. I've never been a distance runner, but I want to keep up being able to run 3-5 miles while pregnant. Look forward to reading more from you! And yes - the fall is awesome for running!

  5. I love those jackets with the holes for thumbs! I'm not a runner but still want to wear one anyways! Your friend Aly is a brave woman!! It definitely takes a special kind of person to do that job. Hope you have a great weekend!!

  6. I need to get some cold weather running gear too...I live in Michigan, so I know cold weather is just around the corner. I love the shirt with the thumb holes--I'll have to pick up a few of those!

  7. All of this running talk....I can't wait to get back into running now that I'm at my 6 week mark of post baby!!! Especially with these cooler temps! And I love that way of thinking about a race-only 3 water stops! Nice!
    And hahaha love that Hanna Montana pic!
    And the one with the service member-so powerful!

  8. #3 is hilarious and is happening in the city I live it!

    FYI - giveaway at my blog!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  9. The cooler temps are really makes runs more enjoyable! Yeah for your last mile being the fastest mile! The wrecking ball spoof is too funny! Oh to be in college again! Love the meaning of the tattoo. The military is such an important role and I don't think they get enough credit, what a moving picture!

  10. I loooove my Costco running wear! Good luck with your race--I will be following your progress :)

  11. Haha I love the thanks Obaba meme!! So true! :) Good job on running faster! I love running in cooler weather! I would much rather run in 50 degree weather than 70!

  12. I love the shirts and jackets with the thumb holes they are so great for running and super comfy! The gloves you got are amazing. I love my running gloves but I cant use my cell phone b/c of the touch screen. I end up spending the time during my runs juggling taking off my gloves and trying to mess with my music.. it's a talent :)

  13. I wish I was a runner! I'm more of a...walker. ;) Your cold weather gear looks awesome.

  14. I love that long sleeve running top! I will have to look for one. I love the thick running tights that go all the way down to the ankles. Keeps me nice and warm!


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