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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

House Updates

Hello everyone, and happy hump day!

The house is coming along, and we are SO close to getting started on this thing.   In the past week, I have made a few more selections.

The first being, paint!  Let me tell you, I’ve had a heck of a time choosing paint colors.  The paint guy at Home Depot gave me a few looks like, “Geez lady, save some paint chips for the rest of the customers.”


I have been through Pinterest and Houzz searching for the perfect shade of “greige” (beige & grey).  Finally, I settled on "Revere Pewter" from Benjamin Moore.  Here are a few example pictures I found on Houzz.  We're doing this color throughout the main floor and upstairs bedrooms.

Next, I chose a grey-blue shade for the master bathroom.  We're doing the tile that looks like wood, so I'm super excited to see the two together.  It's Nantucket Fog by Benjamin Moore.

For the basement and dining room, George picked out a darker shade of grey, Eagle Rock by Benjamin Moore.  It will look awesome with the wainscoting.  Our basement is a walkout and has tons of windows, so I'm not that worried about it being too dark.  Serious props to G for choosing this one.

Next up, garage doors.  Seriously, there are more choices for garage doors than you could ever imagine.  I had no idea.  I think we've finally decided on some wood looking ones.  We are doing the grey siding with stone, and we're going for a look similar to this one. 

So, we went with these:

with windows like these:

We're getting to the point where we're almost done with making selections, and I'm dying, DYING to see it all come together.  They say that it "goes so fast," well I'm ready!

Next we pick: granite, marble, lighting, plumbing fixtures and closet design.

Any words of wisdom or suggestions with any of those?


  1. Soooooo pretty!!! We've heard Benjamin Moore is one of the best paints. We are trying to match the main area in our house those (lowes booooo) but we picked a sand and grey and bluish grey for our bedrooms dn dressing room! :) be sure where you put the granite and or marble I've heard that one or both of these vinegar ruins it? Not sure if its true but wanna look into that for the kitchen! :) good luck! I love all your house updates!!!

  2. So fun! I'm sure it will look awesome. Sorry, I am NO help with choosing paint, so I don't have any suggestions for you :)

  3. I love all your colors!!! I'm sure it will look awesome!! :)

  4. We're thinking of repainting and I'm still struggling with "greige!" Right now the walls are khaki and driving me bonkers.. love the look!

  5. You're home is beyond gorgeous! I love everything you picked out.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. I've just stumbled across your blog and I must tell you your house is exquisite. Seriously. Whenever I buy a house you can pick all this out for me. Beyond beautiful! I cannot wait to see as your house progresses! I will definitely be following along!

  7. Love these colors. What color is your foyer?

  8. What hardwood floors did you choose? I would like to put those in my home

  9. Really awesome color combination. Would like to see some other posts on the same subject! Thank you!

  10. Absolutely love the exterior colors of this house! Could you please tell me what color the siding is?

  11. Hello, Your home is stunning. I was wondering what shade gray you painted the foyer and the living room? Thanks.

  12. Hello, Your home is stunning. I was wondering what shade gray you painted the foyer and the living room? Thanks.

  13. What shade of gray did you paint the exterior!


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