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Friday, August 2, 2013

5 on Friday

Hey guys!  Can you believe it's already Friday?  This week sped by!

I'm joining my favorite linkup, 5 on Friday, and telling you what 5 things are on my mind.

1.) My Trip to the Bird Vet

So yesterday, I was chatting on the phone, and not paying any attention while Gracie was running around the yard.  When I got off, I noticed that she had gone around to the side of the house.  She was batting around a poor injured bird!  I put Gracie inside the house and took a closer look at the bird.  It would flap its wings and move a few inches but definitely couldn't fly.  I brought it over into the shade, and sat with it.  It looked at me, and I felt so sorry for it!  It was breathing fast and heavily (like I know what a bird's normal respiration rate is...) and it's little fuzzy eyelids were half shut.

So....I sat with the bird and started crying because I didn't want it to die alone.  I looked up the name of a bird rescue in Indy, and they referred me to an avian and exotic animal vet.  I put the bird in an open box with a towel on the bottom and took it in.  They only required a small donation of $5 (I gave them a little more) and for me to sign the bird over to them.  I called later in the day, and they said that they suspected a possible head injury and they had a rehab volunteer pick it up.

Yeah...I'm an animal freak.

I'm praying for you birdie!

2.) Wedding Day Magazine

The summer issue of Wedding Day Magazine came out a few days ago, and George and I's wedding is featured!  So exciting!  I guess my wedding planner submitted our info right after we got married, and in April, they called me for an interview.  I'm so pleased with the way that it turned out, and I'm still needing to get a real copy.  They also get bonus points for using the picture with Gracie for the first page.  Click here for the link to the entire issue.

3.) Amish Country

So we went from zero to full speed ahead with building our house.  It is really really exciting, but there are ENDLESS choices.  I have a million people to meet with: lighting people, granite and marble people, stone people, closet design people, and many others.  I'm set to drive 2.5 hours to BFE Illinois to meet with the Amish cabinet makers.  I'm lucky that my parents enjoy my company enough to have agreed to come with me.  This should be an interesting experience.  The people that own the business don't have a phone.  So, to contact them, you have to call and leave a message, their friend who owns a phone tells them that they have a message, they go to their friend's phone and call you back. I'm no business expert, but that's confusing.  I'm also making a mental note to not dress particularly skanky that day.  (Not that I do anyways.)

4.) Dancing Chihuahua

This will never get old.

5.) Fort 4 Fitness

Ok, people.  I've been reading how tons of bloggers are doing a meet up at this race, and I don't want to be left out of the fun!  There is a half marathon and a 10k.  I'm seriously thinking about doing it.  It is 2 weeks before my half in Kentucky, so I'm not sure which race I would do.

Who else is doing this race?


  1. That is so cool you are featured in the magazine. What great pictures of your day. Hope the birdie pulls through ok.

  2. Your photos are gorgeous! Congrats on being n the wedding!!!

  3. Love the magazine feature!! I would love a blogger meet up, to bad I don't live nearby!


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