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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Alright, here goes nothing!

Hello all! (Is anyone actually reading this?)

So, lets give this blog thing a try. I've decided to start a blog for a couple of reasons. I really love reading other's blogs, so why not post my own ramblings? The second reason is to journal the crazy upcoming events of the near future. We're at the stage of our lives where we're going to be getting a new house, thinking about kids, and life is about to get more interesting.

Now, about the title of the blog. I spent, maybe, 15 minutes trying to come up with up with a blog name. My first 5,000 choices were already taken, so I settled on this one. The first thing that came out of both my father and my husband's mouths were, "Um, you're calling yourself a beauty." Bleh, I guess, but I chose it because I thought it was memorable. Beauty and the Beast was always one of my favorites.  It also sounds a little like Beauty and the Geek. (George being the beauty and I being the geek of course.)

Besides typical life news and special events, I plan to write about my new hobby: running. I figure that keeping a journal will make me more accountable knowing that everyone in the world can see if I skip out on a run and watch Real Housewives instead.

Thanks for reading! Follow me, and let's be friends!

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